Company NewsLatest Updates: November 2011, PART 2 logotype With this article we continue our series of publications highlighting updates, implemented or planned, for the RWC admin panel.

These updates are designed to make our operations more user friendly and reliable – we’re doing everything possible to make your time with RWC more enjoyable and efficient.

Maximum order length

A lot of writers have been unpleasantly surprised when they have discovered that there was an upper limitation on word count on their orders. At first this might seem illogical; after all, the more content you provide, the better deal the customer is getting for their money – or so it might seem.

But that is not entirely or always true – often, a word count limitation is important for several reasons:

  • People simply want to receive what they have paid for.
  • It’s no secret that we create a great deal of web content. Website design imposes exceedingly strict word, and even character, specifications and limitations.
  • Another important reason has to do with psychology and human nature: Customers should receive what they have paid for. Free content is lovely, but it is important not to spoil our customers and create unrealistic expectations.
  • For example, we have encountered situations where customers expected double the amount of content that they paid for. Their reason was that, “the previous writers provided that even when I didn’t ask”. The client assumes that this is normal practice. Just as with any contractual process, you should get paid for what you have written and the customer should receive the number of pages that they have paid for. Everyone should be happy.

    Some of our more experienced writers have made a practice of specifically asking customers whether there is a maximum. However, it is not always possible to get hold of the customer, especially with short deadlines and time zone differences.

    That’s why we are adding a specific point to our Info Menu, reminding you that the maximum word count may not exceed the original requirement by more than 130 words (unless specifically arranged with the client). You will be informed of this update via a message through the admin panel, and this update will be added to the website within the next couple of weeks.

    We also commit to trying to make this new arrangement clear to customers, because they do not always think about this issue. After all, if our customers were worried about writing too much, rather than too little, there might not be need of our services!

    Current Orders section

    We are constantly thinking about all the little things that can make your life easier with the RWC. This new update is part of those continuing efforts and it contains a couple of important tweaks. A lot of writers miss their revision requests from the customers, which in the end may have awful consequences.

    This is clearly less than desirable. Thus, we are trying to eliminate these troubles and reduce these risks via several improvements. If you have an order that needs a revision, the Current Orders tab will be highlighted in a separate color (not defined yet, as this is still a work in progress). It will be different from the current color scheme and will serve as a signal to the writer that he/she needs to revise one or more orders.

    To recap: Therefore, if you submit an order, it will go to the Editing Section for checking, and then be forwarded to the customer. If either of these readers determines that revisions are necessary, the paper will be returned as usual to the Current Orders section of your screen. What will be new is that your Current Orders tab will be highlighted in a contrasting color. This will be your indication to immediately check for what revisions are required.

    The Revisions tab on that order screen will also be highlighted in the same color as the new Current Orders special color for as long as your paper is in this status. If you have multiple revisions underway on the order already, the revision you should be working on at that point will be marked as “Active Revision”. We hope that this will allow you to address customer concerns with less confusion.

    You will also receive an additional e-mail notification containing the link to the revision on a specific order, but only in those cases where the revision is requested by our Support Department. Customer-requested revisions will be initiated via the usual revision notification process, with an announcement arriving to your e-mail address.

    These changes are still in development, so it might take another couple of weeks to get them actively working on the site the way we want them to!

    Good luck with your orders and thank you for staying with RWC! Monetize your writing genius with the!

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