Priceless Writing TipsCreative Writing Ideas: Check the Most Exciting Topics Ever!

Creative writing ideasSometimes, academic writing can be rather monotonous. However, when you get tired of regular assignments, creative writing comes to the rescue – with original and fun tasks, the writing process becomes incredibly exciting.
The question is, what is creative writing?
Creative writing is the development of a narrative with a character arch and in a peculiar style.
And now, you’ll need some topics on creative writing. Take a look at the top 30 creative ideas for writing below!

Creative Writing Ideas: Check This Top 30 of Amazing Suggestions

You can deal even with creative fiction writing – and you’ll find some excellent ideas for it, in the list of creative writing ideas below!
Creative Writing Topics
Creative writing ideas for kids

  1. Imagine that you’re the Big Bad Wolf and you tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood;
  2. Choose your favorite character from a book/movie/story and describe one day in his/her life;
  3. Write about a day in the life of your pet/an animal you’d like to have as a pet;
  4. Tell about the best dream you ever had;
  5. Imagine that animals can talk and write an interview with an animal you like;
  6. Say what would happen if people always said what they thought;
  7. Write a story for the cartoon you’d like to watch;
  8. Pick a cartoon you like and describe some new adventures you want the characters there to have;
  9. Write a small poem (2 lines) about your favorite color;
  10. Write a short story which starts with “Once upon a time…”

In case you need some creative story-writing ideas for an older audience, take a look at the next list.
Creative writing ideas for middle school

  1. Imagine that you have just developed a perpetual engine. Describe what you are going to do with it and why;
  2. Write a short story which starts like this: “It was a usual summer day, like millions of other summer days…”
  3. What would an ideal world look like? Describe it;
  4. Tell the story of a person who was afraid of cats and had to overcome this fear;
  5. Write a story about a robot who could experience human emotions;
  6. Write a detective story about stealing an expensive gem;
  7. Think of the most impossible thing in the world, create a character and write about this character doing the impossible;
  8. Write a short song that will help somebody to remember the meaning of the worlds “homophone” and “hyperbole;”
  9. You have been chosen to fly a spaceship to Mars. Describe your trip;
  10. Write what would happen if the world worked completely backwards.

For creative writing, story ideas like these will suit perfectly. Create your own fairytale with the help of these fabulous creative writing ideas!
Creative writing ideas for high school

  1. Some people say that our world is just a dream. Tell what happens if people wake up;
  2. Think up a country with a population of one person and write about his/her daily life;
  3. Ask your classmate to name the least poetic thing in the world. Write a 4-lines poem about this thing;
  4. Create a story about time-traveling and righting historical wrongs;
  5. Develop a story about the most impossible friendship of all;
  6. What would happen if all people suddenly vanished from the face of the Earth?
  7. Write a play which will have only 1 act;
  8. Create two characters with opposite visions of the world and write a dialogue between them;
  9. Tell about the world as it will be 5000 years from now;
  10. Write about the Utopia of the XXI Century.

With these ideas for creative writing assignments, you’ll surely write great papers. Pick any of these creative writing ideas, and you’ll see how well they work!
However, apart from topics for creative writing, you’ll also need a couple of tips on how to write creative papers. So get ready to find out how to be creative in writing – make sure that you’ve read every single writing prompt below.

  • Avoid typical clichés (e.g., “against all odds,” “bleeding heart,” etc.);
  • Search for unusual comparisons (e.g., “the sky was like a hole in a blanket”);
  • Take time to develop your characters (e.g., let a bad guy change his mind, allow the hero to have a moment of fear, etc.)

Well, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about creative writing. With all these creative writing ideas and how-to creative writing guidelines, you’ll learn to write A+ papers in a blink of an eye!


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