Company NewsLatest Updates: November 2011 logotype This article starts a series of publications that will keep you updated on all the ways that we amend/add to the RWC admin panel to perfect the great user experience we provide you.

These articles will highlight some of the technical, managerial and other innovations that we work on every day.

You are welcome to leave your feedback about these updates in the comments section.

The updates are scheduled to be added on a weekly basis. It is a highly technical process to implement these system changes, so you can expect some updates to be implemented right away, and others – later on. So, this week in “Latest Updates”:

Plagiarism Report for Candidates

We receive a lot of applications from writers from all around the world. Of course, a lot of them are not accepted because our requirements concerning writing quality are quite strict. Many of these rejected candidates contact us later with questions regarding our reasons for declining to hire them.

All too often, candidates, in an effort to impress our staff, choose to plagiarize in their submissions. Of course, there are instances when the plagiarism is not intentional, but our experienced editors generally know how to differentiate between deliberate plagiarism and, for example, use of hackneyed tropes and clichéd phrasing.

However, this still leaves some applicants frustrated and dissatisfied. In some cases, even when they are offered an opportunity for revision, they may fail to submit a properly and fully edited paper. Perhaps they simply do not recognize their own unconscious copying of the style and tone of others.

That’s why we are adding a new feature to our system – it will allow our staffers to send our proprietary plagiarism reports to those applicants who’ve received a revision request regarding their application assignments. This innovation will allow applicants to check the instances of presumably unintentional plagiarism in their papers equipped with greater information at hand.

This gives them a chance to submit a perfectly edited paper. The new process is also, in a sense, a test of their capacity to edit their own work, which is rather crucial to our work. Our new procedure should allow more writers who really deserve it, to join the ranks of RWC users.

Writers Deactivation

This feature will allow a bit more freedom to the deactivated users and should help them to access accrued earnings remaining on their former RWC account. More details on this feature will be available in the Info Menu. However, I can tell you that it will allow deactivated users to continue to login for a certain period of time, and permit deactivated users to change their payment info if they wish their funds to be transferred differently. This feature should allow more transparency in the process. It also responds to the concerns of some deactivated writers regarding difficulties in withdrawing earned funds from their accounts.

“Starting” No More

As you know, the available orders within our system are marked as “Starting”, well – not for long! We will be updating that status to “Available”, because the previous status was a bit ambiguous. Some of our writers actually contacted us to clear things up regarding that status and its meaning (although full explanatory info was available on the site). This kind of small improvement is what actually creates a great user experience, and we do hope that you’ll be able to appreciate all of the changes that we’re making.

In the next article (you can expect it within the next couple of weeks): We will discuss a new feature that allows the writer to see whether the customer is online, and much more! Be sure to keep up with all our news!

As for the above-mentioned updates: they will be activated starting this week! Good luck with your writing and thank you for staying with the RWC!

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