Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Independence or Stability: Freelancing vs. Full-Time Job

freelance writing vs. Full-time job “Many people quit looking for work when they find a job” explains the workers’ attitude towards jobs and their wish to work. However, this statement concerns mostly those jobs which do not correspond to the worker’s abilities and desires.

Such jobs bring money, stability and full day of work; however, they fail to provide workers with pleasure, self-realization and freedom of choice. These jobs refer mostly to the full-time employment and oppose to freelancing which consists in self-employment and dealing with various types of works.

Therefore, both freelancing and full-time jobs have advantages and disadvantages, the preference is given to freelance work in respect of its independence, freedom of choice and ample opportunities.

The first thing that becomes obvious while comparing full-time jobs with the freelance employment is the dependency. The workers are completely dependent on the employer when working for someone since they have no possibility to choose the working time, type of activity and place of performing it. Read the rest of this entry »