Company NewsLatest Updates: February, PART 2 logotype As you know, guys, we are constantly trying to keep you updated on the staff, that we do within the project to make your life easier.

Some of these changes are major, and might affect the whole process of your work. But a lot of them are quite small and might not be noticeable, but they’re nevertheless – important. After all, perfection is in details.

That’s why we are trying to specifically highlight them for you. This helps you to get acquainted with these updates in order to start utilizing them as soon as possible. This time I’m telling you about a couple of small twitches to user interface, which should sort out confusion among writers and add more usability to the order request procedures.

These updates are active as of today, so you’re welcome to check them out by yourself.

Orders on Bids: Order Request

Order Bids form As you know, previously, when you saw an order on Bids, you had to go to the Order Details page and send a message to the Support team with your offer for the order.

This created certain confusion with the request history, you couldn’t revoke your request, it was harder for the Support team to sort out the requests and the exact form, in which the requests should arrive, wasn’t clear.

Now we’ve added a new tab to the Order Details page, which will allow you to control the requests on the orders. You will be able to provide the order specifications, which you find suitable in order for you take the job. You will have an additional field, which allows you to state your desired pricing and deadline for the order.

The order will also have a separate tab – Order Requests, it will contain all of your assignment requests for that specific order. You won’t be able to see requests from other writers.

Main reason for that, is that we don’t want you guys to lower your pricing, based on what you saw in other offers. This should keep the requests objective and competitive.

Remove your order requests This tab will be a simple log, where all of your requests are kept, specific to that order: for future reference and for other informational purposes. In your Messages menu you will now be able to see your Order Requests in a separate tab – Order Requests Only.

From there you will be able to revoke your requests, in case if you decide that currently you aren’t able to work on the specific assignment. “Remove Request” function will also be available directly from the Order Details tab.

Order Ratings

A lot of writers were previously confused by the fact that their current orders contain order ratings. This means that when you have a paper that is in progress or is being checked by our staff, the Order Ratings tab already showed how customer rated the order, although he/she didn’t even see it in the first place. All of the ratings were negative and the most confusing part was that the answer to the question “Will you recommend this writer?” was always negative.

This was caused by the specifications of our system. The counters of Order Ratings work similarly to a speedometer – when you stand still: it shows zero. Same with the Order Ratings – when you haven’t completed the order, it shows “zero” points for the Rating, which the system interprets as “0” points for each one of the answers from the customer, thus making the Rating negative right from the start. You have to keep in mind that this was just the visualization of zero points by the system, these ratings weren’t actual and weren’t stored anywhere.

But a lot of writers were still concerned and came to chat with us from time to time, worried that the customer didn’t like the work, which, in a lot of cases, wasn’t even submitted yet (weird, huh?).

From now on the Order Ratings tab will only be available for completed orders, which contain at least one legitimate order rating (approved by the Support Dpt.). This will eliminate any possible confusion.

That’s it for this time, we’ll keep you posted on other updates from us and we hope that you find all of them to be useful. Thank you for staying with the! Good luck with your writing gigs!

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