Company NewsLatest Updates: January 2012 logotype Hello, guys! We hope that your winter holidays were great and that you have returned invigorated and prepared for all of the upcoming orders that we’ll have to offer you!

In the meantime, our team keeps working to make your user experience even more comfortable and memorable.

That’s why, after taking a brief break, our specialists continue to develop new features and options for our admin panel. And I’m here to tell you about them. And a couple of screen shots to get you all excited about the updates:)

Order Verification Update

Some of you have probably already noticed that we implemented some changes to our order verification process. The element that specifically concerns you is our messaging system. We are modifying the order verification procedures to allow more transparency.

For example, now you will receive a notification of revision requirements with more exact details on the issues that need your further attention. Those will be small textual hints to guide you in the right direction, in a form somewhat similar to the following:

- the paper is to contain a title page;
- the paper is to contain a reference page;

As you can see – much less chance of ambiguity there, as might have been the case previously when you received personalized messages from the Support Dpt.

This scheme will be automatized to a certain extent, which should eliminate human error and will also allow you to proceed with the work on your revision much sooner, since you won’t waste any time trying to figure out the exact instructions.
Please note that the messages you can expect to receive and other aspects of this update are subject to modification, because we’re rolling this feature out gradually. Thus, things may change over the next weeks. So this specific feature might change eventually, when we will finalize these improvements for you.

What other stuff can you expect in the future? Let’s check it out!

Customer Profile

Available Order from This Customer First of all, we are updating the customer profile for you guys.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to see more customer details, including some that were previously visible ONLY to the Support Department.

Of course, the info will NOT include any personally identifying information; but it will contain some additional info to help acquaint you with your customer’s characteristics.

This info should shed some light on the specific difficulties that your customer faces in their writing. The final set of data to be made visible will become available when this feature is going to be activated, which should happen within the next couple of weeks.

We decided to make this info available so that you can connect with your customers on a more personal level. This should lead to better results.

You will also be able to see other available orders from this customer. This means that, theoretically, if you feel a connection with a certain customer, or the subject matter they are working with, you can request to take up one of his/her other orders.

We hope that you see what we are trying to do here: now, not only are our customers able to choose their writers, but the writers are able to ‘choose’ their customers, too. Of course, as usual, we cannot guarantee whether any order will be assigned to you or not.

Orders on BIDs

Order Is on BIDs - possible design We’re also making certain changes to the procedures for Orders on BIDs. In the near future, it will be much easier to request Orders on BIDS, as they will have their own special form, designed to make your life easier – just fill it out and send your request, no need to write long and unnecessary messages.

We’re going to keep you posted on these upcoming updates. As for the above mentioned changes to the system – they should be up and running by the end of January, or even sooner than that.

Thank you for staying with the – let’s do everything possible within our means to make it the best freelance writing community on the web!

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