At, you will receive a fair compensation for your writing job and certainly on time. We provide reliable freelance writing jobs. The primary goal of our company is to keep customers satisfied and exceed their expectations providing ONLY quality work. The better you write, the greater compensation for your work is!

Your are the foundation of our service – we know it... and we also know that compensation for the writing work DOES matter a lot.

At RWC, we do expect Quality Work:

  • Work is submitted on time
  • Text is free from mistakes
  • RWC requirements are observed
  • Work follows customer instructions

At RWC, we give our Writers:

  • Fair compensation for the work
  • On time salary payouts
  • Flexible payment options
  • Bonus payments for quality writing

Payment terms for home writing jobs at RWC cover the following points: payment calculation, payment options, payment dates, fines and bonuses.

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When applying to work with us, make sure you are familiar with the Copyright Law. For your convenience, the most important ideas you need know to avoid any complications when doing your writing job at RWC are presented below.

Writing job at RWC falls under “work made for hire”, i.e. “work specially ordered.. as a translation, as a supplementary work, as an instructional text, a test...” and is regulated by the Copyright Law. For details, please, check Works Made for Hire Under the 1976 Copyright Act.

Note, the employer or the other person for whom the work was prepared is then the initial owner of the copyright, given no additional agreement to the contrary has been signed (which is your case as a contracted writer).

What does this mean for you as a writer at RWC?

Basically, this means, that once an order is written and uploaded, RWC has:

  • Reproduction right cannot make copies of the work.
  • Distribution right cannot sell or make the work publicly available.
  • Right to create adaptations (derivative works) cannot use the same work when preparing an order for a different customer.
  • Performance right cannot display the work in public.

Needless to say, that since our reputation depends on your respect of the Copyright Law, any form of violation of it will be taken very seriously with full legal consequences. Please, do, register and welcome to our team, but as long as you are serious about your work here.

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