Contests and Promotions from Start Writing and Get Us Laughing Contest Submission: Who Put a Hex on Us?!

Contest from RWC As you probably know, a couple of weeks ago we’ve announced the winners of the latest contest from the

The point of the contest was pretty simple – write an amusing story about freelance writing (fictional or from your won experience).

We’ve identified 5 winners of the contest and wanted to highlight these contest submissions for you.

Make sure check back next week – another submission will be waiting for you!

“Freelance Writing: Who Put a Hex on Us?” by Nalin S.

When I first started freelance writing, my parents, friends and relatives or almost everyone I know were totally against it. Even I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it or not as I had a degree to pursue, which if I was to take up freelance writing, had to be set aside for the future. Confusion was paramount and I was being asked questions by my mother, “Who put a hex on you, my child?” to which I had no reply. Read the rest of this entry »

Company News Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Folks! 2011 has been a great year for our community! We’ve acquired a whole host of wonderful new community members who have made the an even stronger professional freelance writing company!

Our Facebook community grew immensely – we are at almost 70,000 fans and the numbers keep growing!

We’ve implemented a whole raft of great updates that have made things work better for all of us! We keep working on quality control and efficiency to make our service better.

Our staff looks back proudly on a long list of accomplishments this last year: changes to internal procedures, numerous updates to our user interface, and many new features for you, our users! As you can see from the latest articles on our blog – we keep you apprised of all this via our updates. Almost every week, we add something to increase the usability of our site, and make your life even easier! Read the rest of this entry »

Contests and Promotions from Start Writing and Get Us Laughing Contest Submission: Writer’s ABC

Contest from RWC As you probably know, we’ve recently held a promotion dedicated to our freelance writers and funny stories, which happen in their lives. It was a great experience and we are grateful to all of the participants and fans, who voted for the submissions.

This series of articles will highlight the winners of the contest and their submissions – as usual. But this particular submission didn’t win, nor did it participate in the voting. Unfortunately, this following piece was disqualified, because it didn’t fulfil the contest requirements.

But it caught our attention and we find it to be a great piece of freelance writing genius. It’s a simple and great poem telling us a little bit more about the lives of freelance writers. You should definitely check it out! Read the rest of this entry »

Contests and Promotions from Start Writing and Get Us Laughing Contest: Announcing the Winners

Contest from RWC Hey, guys! We can finally say that we’ve chosen the winners for our “Start Writing and Get Us Laughing” contest! There were a lot of great submissions for the contest, and we really had a difficult time choosing the winners.

Of course, if you followed the information about the contest on our page, you probably know that there were certain submissions, which were claimed to be fraudulent by the contest application.

We stress the importance of the fact that this statement doesn’t mean that there is a 100% full proof method to identify cheaters. There are certain clues, which might suggest that. That’s why innocent contest participants could have lost the chance to win the contest. That’s why we have decided to accept all of the submissions and let the jury decide. Read the rest of this entry »

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Master Yourself: Problematic Customers, Which You’ll Have to Deal With

Problematic Clients: Freelance Writing This article is the first piece in a small series of articles, which will tell a little bit more about the customers, that we, as freelance writers, have to deal with on day-to-day basis.

You’ll also learn certain techniques, which will help you to work out a solution for a problematic situation with an inadequate customer.

Problematic Customer Profiles #1: The “Next Time” Customer

Freelance writers who operate their own writing businesses encounter many different types of customers through their everyday business dealings and soon become adept at customer service in addition to writing. Eighty per cent of the time, freelancers and their customers enjoy a smooth business transaction from job to job and a mutually beneficial business relationship.

However, in certain cases, a certain type of customer appears, one that causes trouble for various reasons. The communication skills of the freelance writer become paramount in these circumstances. What follows are a few communication tips for self-employed writers to continue to receive payment and referrals from even the most problematic clients. Read the rest of this entry »