Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Extracting Information: Don’t Miss Any of Those Important Ideas, PART 3

informational techniques It’s pretty hard to find some time for writing a new blog post when there is so much stuff to do: contests, press releases, etc. But our editors will always find time to share some freelancing goodies with you.

This is the third part of our article, dedicated to information, and how freelance writers should handle it. You can find part 1 – here; and part 2 – here. But let’s go with part 3.

As freelancers, our time, and our brains, are our stock-in-trade. We need to optimize our use of both in order to make the effort pay off. We have discussed, in two previous posts, some suggestions for capturing useful ideas and data from the whirlwind of information swirling around us. Where to direct our attention, how to decide what to retain, how to build on previous work – these are just a few of the strategies outlined. There are so many stimuli bombarding us daily – how can we snatch the most useful from the air, as it were, and use them to improve our writing overall? Some strategies follow. Read the rest of this entry »


RWC - new writing contest!Hey, guys!
I bet that you like the contests that we put up on our Facebook page :) Guess what – we have another one and it’s already available on our Facebook page.

Check out the details of the contest – it is going to be a surprising challenge and a lot more entertaining than the previous competitions.

This time we want you to tell us something funny about your freelance writing experience! We are sure that all of you, especially those people who have spent years in freelance writing business, have something hilarious to tell us; a story which already became legendary amongst your friends :)

We have been thinking about the new contest and an appropriate topic for it, but we weren’t able to come up with something more or less interesting – since we didn’t want to repeat the previous writing contests right away. We wanted something new and exciting – that’s how our latest writing contest was born! :)
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Company News, Suggestions from RWC users Waiting for Your Suggestions!

RWC Logotype We wanted to say thank you for all of your comments – they help us with our work. We take into account all your comments when we design future changes in the system.

That’s why we wanted to direct this whole conversation towards something more productive. We want YOU to provide exact suggestions about the work process and the This includes any procedural issues, which you think we could approve on; any particular features, which can be objectively improved. Read the rest of this entry »

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Blast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (December 2010-January 2011)

RWC Logotype The newest article from our “Blast from the Past” series is here! With all these updates and upgrades we forgot about the min purpose of our blog: offering you awesome freelance writing content.

As you know, the series is dedicated to highlighting some of the best articles, which were previously posted on our blog. Our audience is growing and some of these articles were posted when we haven’t had a Facebook page, so we haven’t had that many channels to get the articles to our audience. We want to change that, because these articles truly deserve your attention :)

This time we are offering you a couple of articles posted in December of last year and in January 2011. Here we go: Read the rest of this entry »


RWC Logotype Editor’s note: please read the latest comment from me on the article – it will be titled in CAPS and you should easily find it. It should respond to all of your requests and questions. Thank you.

As you probably know, recently we have launched an update for the admin panel, which changed the way things work with the RWC to a great extent.

We’ve added a new status and made some changes to the availability of the orders for different writing statuses with the RWC, as part of the whole update package.

You have to understand that a system of such complexity, like the RWC, is pretty hard to predict and model. That’s why we always stated that the system will be updated and tailored to suit your needs (sorry for the pun there). That’s what we are working on, right now.

We pay a lot of attention to your feedback, because we understand the importance of the community and it’s strength: as long as RWC is in sync with its writers – we will all be doing a great job of satisfying our customers.
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