Priceless Writing TipsTransition Sentences: How to Make Your Essays Flow

Transition SentencesYou can be doing a great job providing strong arguments and defending your position. However, it can still go wrong if you ignore the main principles of essay logic. It’s extremely important to combine your essay into a whole and make it flow. Here’s how to include transition sentences into your papers:

How to Make Transitions

Good transitions connect the different sections of your writing into a whole. Instead of jumping from one idea to another, make your writing smooth and logical. The easiest way to achieve the effect of a united whole are the following:

  • to make a link between a previous and a following paragraph, including a few keywords from the previous section into the beginning of the next paragraph;
  • make the last sentence of a paragraph a transition to the next one by mentioning a detail from the next section;
  • use transition words and phrases.

Transition Words and Phrases

Speaking of the latter method of making transitions, including transition words and sentences, this list will help you easily come up with the ideas.

  1. Meaning: Comparison. Whereas, but, yet, on the other hand, however, nevertheless, in contrast, although this may be true.
  2. Meaning: Addition. Again, besides, equally important, further, too, next, lastly, what’s more, in addition.
  3. Meaning: Proof. Because, for, since, obviously, in any case, evidently.
  4. Meaning: Exception. Still, however, in spite of, despite, once in a while.
  5. Meaning: Repetition. in brief, as has been noted.
  6. Meaning: Emphasis. Definitely, extremely, undeniably, unquestionably, without doubt, in any case, naturally, absolutely.
  7. Meaning: Example. For instance, in this occasion, to illustrate, to demonstrate.
  8. Meaning: Summary. Summing up, on the whole, to conclude, hence, therefore, accordingly, thus, as a result, consequently.

So, these were the core principles of making an essay flow. Connecting separate parts into a whole by means of transition sentences may have synergizing effects. Your arguments and evidence will work much better. Do you agree?

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