Uncategorized Top 30 Quotes about Love to Inspire Online Writers

30 Quotes about Love “All you need is love” John Lennon assures everyone. And it’s as relevant as ever this week when St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As one of the world’s major driving forces, love makes this planet move. So, there’s no doubt that the following quotes about love from famous people can become an extra portion of motivation for you.

The Blessing of Being in Love: Quotes

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Uncategorized 10 More Movies about Writers You Shouldn’t Miss (Part 2)

Movies about writers So, my previous post on must-watch movies about writers received much response. And thank you very much for that. Sharing your favorite movies was really nice of you.

And according to your voting, here we nominate the following top 10 movies:
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Uncategorized 8 Famous Writers You Never Knew Started as Freelancers

Famous Writers If you think that freelance writers always stay in the shadow, you might be not quite right. Some of the most famous writers started off as freelancers though you know them as super popular personalities only. And here are 8 of their inspiring stories:

8 Famous Writers

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Uncategorized 8 Mere Trifles Which Can Cure Nearly Any Writers’ Block

Writers' Block Writing is demanding. It requires time, effort, persistence, perfect writing conditions and even more than that. There are some mere trifles which can mean everything when it comes to writing. For instance, have you noticed that the minor issues discussed below can help you avoid writer’s blocks?

Unexpected Cures for Writer’s Blocks!

Most successful writers had their special writing rituals. Stephen King always prepared a glass of water or a cup of tea, and James Joyce wore a white coat and wrote lying on his stomach.

Sure, you will develop your own rituals (unless you have already done so). However, the following mere trifles, recognized by experienced writers as important, can be of much interest to you too:
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Uncategorized 8 Craziest Christmas Traditions All Over the World

Christmas traditionsHello writers’ world!
It’s no breaking news that Christmas is just around the corner. Even if you don’t celebrate it in your country, you couldn’t fail to notice the signs of approaching Christmas on the web.
You, however, can be curious about the following 8 weird Christmas traditions:
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