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On August 15th we’re launching a new contest at

We’re doing this to bring the community together and get everyone warmed up for the high season that’s closing really fast.

The goal of the contest is to find the most productive writer, show them our appreciation and let the whole community know their heroes:)

How it works

All you have to do is write. If you’re not a registered user – simply apply to join our community here!

If you’re a registered user, just take the orders with RWC, as you usually do, but remember – the more written pages you’ll have by the end of the contest – the bigger your chances to win the prize.

We’ll count the number of pages to determine the winner. You can even have 1 order, but if it has many pages – you have the chance to win.

Important: only orders that have the status “Completed” will count for this competition. Orders which are being edited or orders in progress don’t count.

Orders must be completed within the given time frame: August 15th – September 15th. Anything that has been completed before or after these dates – will not be taken into consideration.


We’ll award the winner a 100$ cash prize, which will be added to their balance at RWC. We’ll also highlight them in the final blog post about the contest and we’ll mention some numbers, which we’ll have to crunch to determine the winner.

The best thing about this contest is that everyone will take part in it. We’ll automatically enroll you into the contest, as long as you’re an active writer and have completed orders within the given timeframe.

Our goal is to have these contests on regular basis, if we are to see enough feedback and activity from the community. Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas about this promo in the comments section below.

Good luck!
RWC Team


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