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Contest from RWC In this article we’re going to highlight the 3rd place winner of our “Start Writing and Get Us Laughing” contest, which ended recently.

The point of the contest was pretty simple – write an amusing story about freelance writing (fictional or from your own experience).

We’ve identified 5 winners of the contest and wanted to highlight these contest submissions for you.

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This may not be the funniest of all submissions, but it definitely contains some philosophical points, which a lot of freelance writers should be sympathetic to!

Writing Now and Then by Pargat D.

This is my attempt to write something funny and amusing about freelance Writing. The idea of doing this is itself funny for a rookie like me! Anyway, I’ll try to put my thoughts into words and struggle with the humour part, either.

Some might debate that writing in its original form is dying but I believe it has evolved, evolved for better. In my childhood, I used to collect Enid Blyton, PG Wodehouse and Batman comics. But now, when I look back, I see this habit garrotted when I got my first Nintendo! Then they got better and now we have the magic box you are looking at (hint: it’s your computer).

And the attention span of an average human has been decreasing ever since, given the fact that attention span of today’s kids is the size of a gnat! It would be lucky if they could scan a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip. Text messages are written like machine codes. Social networking has made our minds super efficient, you can scan through thousands of status updates and applications at a blurring speed but your mouse will pause at the person you’re interested in. Oh yes, how could I forget gaming – who needs to read, when you can blow each other’s brains out in HD?!

Information now is readily available on web sites, the Internet ensures you got information overload one click away. But someone’s got to write that too, right? That’s where writing for this generation comes in: one page articles, easily copied/pasted and you never know how many school projects it will be used in. Even then you need to provide an abridged summary because the user will be tempted to find the perfect sized article for his topic: too less means just a rubbish intro to the topic; too large means he/she will have to explain every tiny detail in class.

Freelance writing comes even handier for the online businesses, now the owners of websites need not worry about a thing! They used to hire people for everything except content, that hurdle has been removed too. You might consider my view narrow, but the thing that employs the majority matters more, than writing for the newspaper.

As the art flourishes, it may be good for the part-time writer, but for the lay-man English as a language has been hit hard, you never know when “One Large Burger with extra Fries” is rated above anything Shakespeare wrote and is regarded as the finest sentence in post-modern English. After all, what’s in a verb?!

Editor’s note: Thanks you, Pargat, for participating in the contest! As for the rest of you, guys – check back next week, when we’ll be highlighting the 2nd place winning essay. For more freelance writing goodness check out our Facebook and Twitter!

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