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Contest from RWC As you probably know, we’ve recently held a promotion dedicated to our freelance writers and funny stories, which happen in their lives. It was a great experience and we are grateful to all of the participants and fans, who voted for the submissions.

This series of articles will highlight the winners of the contest and their submissions – as usual. But this particular submission didn’t win, nor did it participate in the voting. Unfortunately, this following piece was disqualified, because it didn’t fulfil the contest requirements.

But it caught our attention and we find it to be a great piece of freelance writing genius. It’s a simple and great poem telling us a little bit more about the lives of freelance writers. You should definitely check it out!

A is for Author, which we hope to be.
B is for Byline, which we hope to see.
C is for Copyright fees, paid and sent.
D is for Day job, to pay for the rent.
E is for Editor, grumpy and fat.
F is for Fries. Do you want some with that?
G is for Grad school, researching and grading.
H is for Hope, which is rapidly fading.
I is for Internet (game sites and porn.)
J is for Journalist, hated and scorned.
K stands for thousand, a sum in our dreams.
L is for Lemmings: the public, it seems.
M is for Months that the manuscript’s gone.
N is for Nothing returned thereupon.
O is for Open mike: fame but no pay.
P is for Poet, Proposal, and Pray.
Q is for Query, which will not be read.
R is Rejection you’ll get back instead.
S is Submissions. We send them, we do.
T is for Tabloids, which make more than you.
U is Unusual; all writers are.
V is a Very old wardrobe and car.
W is Workshop, another expense.
X is for “X Files,” with profits immense.
Y is for Yearning for more time alone.
Z: when I’m writing, then I’m in the Zone.

Note from the author: This is an homage to the artist and writer Edward Gorey and his “Gashlycrumb Tinies” alphabet. I wrote it after reading Stephen King’s “On Writing.” I hope the fact that it rhymes does not disqualify it as an essay.

Author: Anonymous
Unfortunately we weren’t able to reach the author. To the author: we do hope that you will see the poem posted on our blog and accept the recognition of our community! Good luck with your future writing gigs!

And for the rest of you guys – be sure to check back next week, we’ve got some more great stuff coming your way!

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