Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics 10 TED Talks for Everyone Who’s into Freelance Writing

Flexible schedule is a blessing and a curse for everyone who’s into freelance writing. On one hand, it’s so pleasant to sleep in your comfortable bed when all office workers are standing in the traffic jam. On the other hand – the best orders can arrive late in the evening or on the weekends.

Good-bye, social life?

Here are top 10 TED talks to help you overcome (or even avoid) the worst issues of your freelance career:
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Contests and Promotions from We Have a Winner! Our Contest for a Chance to Win the $100 Cash Prize is Over.

Editor’s note: as it came to our attention – some of the writers were not satisfied by  the results. Particularly, writer ID 30685 pointed out that he has completed more than a hundred pages,  so the results of the contest must be wrong.

We had to recheck the results just to make sure and it turned out that a bug in the system prevented us from properly counting the number of pages completed. This bug has been eliminated and we are editing the results below to reflect the real winner. 

That’s it. The month blew past us in what seemed to be just a moment. Our writing contest is over.

If you don’t know what contest we’re talking about – check out this post on our blog.

Anyone who completed an order within the given time frame was automatically enrolled into the contest. All of the completed orders done from the 15th of August up until the 15th of September went towards the contest.

The main criteria for the contest was the number of completed pages.

The $100 prize will be transferred to the winner’s account with RWC and paid during the next payment period.

And the winner is…

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics How to Write Faster without Compromising the Quality

How to Write Faster You probably noticed that your personal productivity depends on a variety of factors. One day you easily handle even the most complicated tasks. And another day, you cannot squeeze even a primitive essay out of your keyboard.

It all depends on your mood and energy level which you can easily control.
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