Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsHow to Write Faster without Compromising the Quality

How to Write Faster You probably noticed that your personal productivity depends on a variety of factors. One day you easily handle even the most complicated tasks. And another day, you cannot squeeze even a primitive essay out of your keyboard.

It all depends on your mood and energy level which you can easily control.

Here are some simple answers to the question how to write faster without compromising quality:

Avoid 10 things stealing your time and energy:

  • waiting for inspiration;
  • doubting whether you can do it;
  • checking your mail every 10 minutes;
  • inner dialogues on irrelevant topics;
  • not being “here and now” – rethinking the past or dreaming of the future;
  • speaking to people who don’t believe in you;
  • working too much;
  • ignoring the natural needs of your body;
  • not using the innovative tools;
  • too much research before you write the first words.

If you really wonder how to write faster, here are some basic clues:

10 things boosting your productivity:

  • legal doping – chocolate, coffee, clear water, fresh air, a couple of physical exercises;
  • focusing on result;
  • just Googling it;
  • reading or watching something inspiring;
  • speaking to people who make you feel good;
  • having a hobby or some interests outside writing gigs;
  • investing into your skills (buying tools and equipment);
  • surrounding yourself with some beautiful things and souvenirs – there’s no such thing as too many pens, mugs, photo frames, or notebooks;
  • making effective and regular breaks;
  • taking part in our contest.

And what’s your personal recipe of writing faster and better? Would you mind sharing it with us?

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  • Alex Marangach
    September 4th, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Remaining positive even in the face of the biggest challenge

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