Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing: Stressed Piecework or Your Life’s Vocation?

what is freelance writing for you Are you at a crossroads between full time freelance writing and holding a full time conventional job? Can you think of dozens of arguments for both? Are you waffling over a decision?

If so, then you need to examine all the pros and cons of freelance writing with insight, and make an informed and genuine choice. There is definitely a long list of advantages and disadvantages to freelancing; however, you need to define what freelancing is for you individually: an unhealthy occupation, or a vocation for an entire life.

Freelance writing is often deemed to be an unhealthy profession because of the many stresses caused by the lack of steady income and work stability, and the need to spend excessive time at the computer, often accompanied by way too much junk food. The stressful situations that crop up in freelance writing are usually precipitated by the absence of work, and by dishonest customers. Such stress was incisively described by Robert Benchley definition: “The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”

However, in reality, freelancing is not nearly as stress inducing as is commonly imagined in the contemporary business world. As with any other job, freelance writing is only as stressful as the current set of circumstances. For one thing, working with a firm that pre-screens and arranges payment for all work can reduce the probability of being “stiffed” by a client. Furthermore, the absence of regular work for a freelance writer is directly comparable to the potential for lay-offs from a full time position. Read the rest of this entry »