Company News The Latest Updates: They’re Finally Here logotype As you remember, last week I told you about some of the new updates available for you, guys. If you haven’t had the chance to find out more about them, be sure to check out the previous article on our blog.

I can now gladly announce, that these updates are already available in the system – you can easily access the new Fine Schedule, FAQ and the updated Info Menu.

If you have any additional questions – feel free to contact our Support Team for more details.

We would love to know what you think about these updates: leave your comments! You have to keep in mind that the changes in the Info Menu will be visible to all of the writers: new and old, so the updates hold more value than you might initially think. They will help the new users to get acquainted with how RWC works.

These updates will also offer a more transparent and understandable process for all of our users.

We wanted to thank you all, guys, for the work that you’re doing, which is moving RWC forward to make it the best freelance writing community on the web.

Truly Yours
RWC staff

Company News Latest Updates: More Flexible Fine Schedule, More Usability logotype As you know, we constantly work to make — the best freelance writing community on the web.

I haven’t spoiled you with some fresh updates in a while, so let’s take a closer look at what’s coming up within the next couple of weeks!

Flexible Fine Schedule

We know that being a freelance writer is quite challenging. And it’s especially dissatisfying to be fined for your work and receive less than the amount you originally signed up for. We understand this and that’s why we’re trying to balance the bonuses and penalties, which are active within our system.

One of these steps will be taken within the next couple of weeks. By the end of the month you can expect some of the internal fines/bonuses to be updated (expect a note from us through the Messaging system when that happens). Read the rest of this entry »

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Mistakes a Freelance Writer Should Make: Experiences Which You Have to Go Through

Freelance-WritingHard Lessons Part One
Freelance writing can be a tough enterprise – not for the faint of heart, in other words. Especially for those freelance writers just starting out, the number of mistakes will typically far outweigh the numbers of successes. For freelance writers, there are a few mistakes that are very important to make, if for no other reason than they grow you as a professional.
One the most important mistakes that a freelance writer should make is to have at least one experience of significantly undercharging for an assignment and underestimating the amount of time it will take to complete that assignment. Typically, this happens in the early stages of your freelance writing career.
You are so excited to get a job that you agree to less than viable terms. There are a cluster of important mistakes associated with undercharging that will be beneficial to the freelance writer in the long term, although in the short term they will be exceedingly painful and stressful.
The freelance writer who undercharges quickly learns that working for one dollar an hour is incredibly demoralizing. By underestimating the amount of time necessary to complete the assignment, the freelance writer struggles to complete it on time, and in some cases will end up being paid for only half the amount of work he or she does, because at the final tally it takes him or her over fifty per cent longer to complete the assignment than anticipated. So why would such an experience be useful? Why should the freelance writer make such a costly mistake?
Number One: Undercharging teaches the freelance writer, in no uncertain terms, the value of his or her time, talent and expertise. The only way to learn what you are truly worth as a freelance writer is to have it sorely tested.
Number Two: Undercharging teaches the freelance writer what he or she can do in incredibly difficult circumstances. While this experience feels less than ideal while it is happening, after undercharging and losing a tremendous amount of money, the freelance writer now has had his or her mettle tested, and gains several benefits.
He or she now knows the exact amount of money he or she must be paid on an hourly basis in order to turn a profit in his or her business. He or she also knows exactly how efficient he or she can be. The drive to complete the undercharged assignment and still make money on it has indirectly taught the freelance writer how to maximize his or her efficiency.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Quality vs. Quantity? Pros and Cons of Both

freelance-writingWhich is better in the world of freelancing, quality, or quantity? This is actually a pretty tough and even philosophical question to a certain extent. Let’s take a closer look at it.

They both have value; however, depending on the freelance writer’s preference for work environment, one may suit his or her writing style better than the other.

To answer this question, this article will consider the different types of writing that these two states indicate, and break the article down further into pros and cons of each.

Quality writing tends to be of an academic variety such as theses, dissertations, or thesis proposals. Other types of quality writing may include in depth business proposals such as:

  1. RFPs
  2. backgrounders
  3. business plans
  4. product descriptions.

Certain types of article also fall into this category, those types of articles that are scientific or technically based, advanced health or fitness writing, and writing about business topics such as personal finance, investing or stocks.

Quantity writing tends to be driven more by short articles and blog entries. This type of writing leans toward pop business and lifestyle topics. It is typified by the light web based articles found online and may include blog work such as celebrity articles, fashion and beauty tips and health and wellness advice.
The main pro of quality writing is that it is quality writing. These types of jobs test the freelance writer on all types of levels – his or her ability to research, write coherently, use appropriate vocabulary and create a piece of writing that imparts value and knowledge to the reader. These types of jobs also help the freelance writer become a better writer; they boost the levels of his or her writing skills, and often teach him or her about topics that he or she would otherwise not be exposed to understand.
Quality writing also tends to be more lucrative. These types of jobs will typically pay more and often lead to repeat business if the freelance writer does a good job on the first order. In addition, the types of customers that fire freelance writers for quality writing tend to be a little more reliable and trustworthy, since they typically occupy the upper echelon of academia and of the business world.
One of the main pros of quantity writing is that it can be written quickly. Quantity writing tends to be delivered quickly and it has a short shelf life. The content, especially online, grows stale very quickly, which means that it needs to be endlessly generated, repurposed, and updated. This reality of the speed by which the online world changes leads to a constant, secure and steady source of income for freelance writers who specialize in quantity work.
Another pro of quantity work is that it is relatively easy to create. Quantity work typically follows a template or formula, and the style does not often vary, so once the freelance writer learns the style guidelines, quantity writing becomes exceedingly easy to create and re-create.
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