Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsIndependence or Stability: Freelancing vs. Full-Time Job

freelance writing vs. Full-time job “Many people quit looking for work when they find a job” explains the workers’ attitude towards jobs and their wish to work. However, this statement concerns mostly those jobs which do not correspond to the worker’s abilities and desires.

Such jobs bring money, stability and full day of work; however, they fail to provide workers with pleasure, self-realization and freedom of choice. These jobs refer mostly to the full-time employment and oppose to freelancing which consists in self-employment and dealing with various types of works.

Therefore, both freelancing and full-time jobs have advantages and disadvantages, the preference is given to freelance work in respect of its independence, freedom of choice and ample opportunities.

The first thing that becomes obvious while comparing full-time jobs with the freelance employment is the dependency. The workers are completely dependent on the employer when working for someone since they have no possibility to choose the working time, type of activity and place of performing it.

Making a parallel with freelancing, the workers are not restricted to the certain quantity of hours worked out a day, to the repeated tasks and to the office or other defined place of work. The freelancer has an opportunity to arrange individual schedule, vary activities and work outside. Such independence enables freelancers work more actively, effectively and freely. Thus freelancing makes workers independent in their activities and does not put frames for their realization.

The second point of freelance benefit consists in possibility to choose any type of work as well as to change it in case of need. Freedom of choice is certainly realized while choosing occupation and while being fully employed, however, none can choose the type of work or task he or she wants to perform and reject activity which is not upon his or her taste when working for someone.

On the contrary, freelancers can always keep their option open and refuse from the work they are not willing to accomplish. Freelancers have the greatest freedom which is to choose what they are fond and improve their skills rather than go with the flow and perform repeated tasks at full-time job for life.

Along with the variety of options freelancing gives plenty of opportunities, which result in the impulse to develop and grow. Speaking about full-time jobs it is difficult to discuss variety and growth, excluding some professions and promotion ladder. Therefore full-time job enables worker to be promoted and have some stable income and certain social benefits, it rarely brings pleasure and real satisfaction in accomplished actions.

Working for someone means working in one direction which does not allow moving out of the certain field and broaden the boundaries. Contrary to all the restrictions set by the full-time employment, freelancing makes personal development possible and evident. Though freelancers lack stability, they have ample opportunities to find it and continue looking for self-improvement and self-realization. Thus a host of possibilities can be provided only if there is a choice and independence in work which is ensured by the freelancing.

All in all, freelancing is opposed to full-time job due to more opportunities, less dependency and presence of alternative. Though full-time employment brings certainty in future and stable income, it may often mean absence of desire to work. That is why, it is better to stay in a constant search of interesting work like freelancers do, than to live in stability without self-improvement and pleasure. As Betty Bender says, “When people go to work, they shouldn’t leave their hearts at home”, thus it is better to stay freelancer at home, but with your heart.

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