Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsBlast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (December 2010-January 2011)

RWC Logotype The newest article from our “Blast from the Past” series is here! With all these updates and upgrades we forgot about the min purpose of our blog: offering you awesome freelance writing content.

As you know, the series is dedicated to highlighting some of the best articles, which were previously posted on our blog. Our audience is growing and some of these articles were posted when we haven’t had a Facebook page, so we haven’t had that many channels to get the articles to our audience. We want to change that, because these articles truly deserve your attention :)

This time we are offering you a couple of articles posted in December of last year and in January 2011. Here we go:

  • 5 Productivity Management Tools for Freelance Writers
  • I’m sure that a lot of you faced problems with managing your time properly. You can’t be good at it right from the start. So if you still have trouble with time management – this article could offer you some great solutions. It includes password management ideas, great Firefox add-ons for time management and more! You should definitely check it out – your freelance writing will get more efficient!

  • Getting Your Research Done Properly and On Time!
  • This article will leave on the topic of time management. If you are a freelance writer who haven’t had the chance to complete his/her research on time – then this article is for you. It offers some tips on proper research, techniques which can offer you better search results and give a boost to your ‘googling’ skills.

  • Chrome Web Apps for Freelance Writers
  • Chrome is becoming a more popular browser with every day. Online users, who want to be efficient online and simply can’t wait for the browser to load the pages – choose Chrome over any other browser. At that time Chrome App Store was pretty young, but already contained useful Chrome add-ons for freelance writers. This article highlights some of the most useful of them.

    We are going to continue our “Blast From the Past” series, mixing them with new articles! We are sure, that great content never gets old, so if you haven’t read these articles before, make sure to do just that! If you want to stay posted on the latest news with the RWC join our communities on Facebook and Twitter! Cheers!

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