Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsBlast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (October-November 2010)

RWC Logotype Hey, guys! We continue our “Blast fro the Past” article series.

If you have missed the second part, you can check it out right here.

We are still working on some new implementations for you, preparing for the high season, so we haven’t had the chance to compose new articles for you. That’s why in an effort to reintroduce new users to our blog, we are posting our previous entries published on our blog more than 6 months ago. Those articles contain a lot of useful freelance writing tips, which are universal and will never get old.

So here we go – another 3 great articles posted on our blog last year

  • Admin Panel Madness – Communicate More Efficiently with ResearchWritingCenter
  • As stated earlier – the new high season is coming up. As we know: a lot of troubles with the orders during the high season are caused by the communication gap between the Support Dpt. and the writers. That’s especially true for writers, who are late with their orders – they are stressed and act inadequately a lot of times. This article should definitely help rookie freelance writers by offering some communication tips and explaining some of the peculiarities of the internal system at the RWC.

  • 5 Useful Tools for Your Freelance Writing Growth
  • Some of the experienced freelance writers miss a lot of great writing opportunities, because of their disorganized working habits. And this statement is especially true for writers, who are new to freelance writing and RWC, in particular. This article covers some of the basic tools, required for freelance writing professional growth.

  • The Funniest Lateness Excuses from RWC Users! You Should Definitely Check Them Out!
  • Over the years of working with freelance writers we have accumulated a great database of funny lateness excuses from our writers. There’s actually not much more to add – you just have to read these: they speak for themselves.

    We are going to continue our “Blast From the Past” series, mixing them with new articles! We are sure, that great content never gets old, so if you haven’t read these articles before, make sure to do just that! If you want to stay posted on the latest news with the RWC join our communities on Facebook and Twitter! Cheers!

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