Company NewsLatest Updates: New Tutorials for Citation Styles logotype As anyone, who has ever written an academic paper, you probably know that the citation styles are quite important for the outcome of the paper.

A lot of institutions formalize this form of academic expression to an almost military extent – carelessness with the rules of a specific citation style is similar to being a deserter during war time! And a lot of people suffer the consequences of this type of attitude.

For all of our clients citations styles and adherence to them is vital.

That’s why we provide details for specific citation styles on our Format Requirements page, to keep us all on the same page, when it comes to dealing with citations. It contains links to major resources, which are extremely helpful for learning the peculiarities of each one of the available citation styles.

Of course, all of this info is freely available online and you’re always more than welcome to do some additional research. But everything changes and evolves, so as the academic standards, specifically for citation styles, in our case.

We constantly try to research these kinds of things for you guys. That’s why we wanted to announces that we’ve updated the list of resources available on the Format Requirements page. These are mandatory to get acquainted with.

From now on the citation styles in the completed papers will be checked according to the peculiarities available in these sources. That’s why you need to make sure, that you’ve read all of them and know the basic differences from the previous versions.

IMPORTANT: This update will take affect later today, so you still have time to re-adjust your upcoming works!

As usually, we use trusted and verified resources. The new guidelines will include information from:

These resources contain balanced instructions about the specific citations styles, but you have to remember that the priority always goes to the customer requirements. Depending on the institution – citation style requirements might be different from the standards. You have to sort these things out with the customer before completing your work to provide proper citations and bibliography at the end.

New requirements will take time to learn and adjust to. We encourage you to do that as soon as possible, to make sure that there won’t be any issues with your upcoming papers (if you’re using one of the major citation styles – APA, MLA, etc)

Thank you and good luck with your writing gigs!

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