Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsThree Skills Every 21st Century Online Writer Needs

Online Writer Progress never stops. When it comes to writing as a job, the progress is galloping and leaving hundreds of talented but conservative folks behind. The HR managers claim that the three skills are the most important for online writers to keep up in the era of rapid changes.

Three Common Skills of Top Online Writers

While excellent grammar and format are important, these qualities and competencies outweigh even perfect command of the language:

  1. Open mind is the ability to minimize your own bias. Of course, you may have your personal opinion on many questions. However, in some cases it can distract you from doing a quality research. Try to be as objective as possible and consider the client’s preferences.
  2. Research skills are another vital competence for anyone in the 21st century, and especially someone working as an online writer. It requires a lot of practice and critical thinking. At the same time, you will need to be in the know of all the latest changes in Google’s (or any other engine’s) tools. Furthermore, you need to know the best sites with the most reliable and up-to-date resources.
  3. Communication skills are important for specialists in any niche. You need to be polite and proactive at the same time to make the client’s instructions clear. Online communication through messages is a true art. All kinds of misunderstanding are possible. That’s why it’s your responsibility to put the questions right and ask for clarifications in a polite and timely manner to make your life easier.

Three More Skills You May Strive For

Of course, your clients would be happy if you also had the following super powers:

  • reading minds;
  • time travelling (when they place an order too late);
  • teleportation (when they need your help in emergency cases).

How do you think what the most important skills (as well as superpowers) are missing from this list? Would you add something?

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