Contests and Promotions from ResearchWritingCenter.comStart Writing and Get Us Laughing Contest: Announcing the Winners

Contest from RWC Hey, guys! We can finally say that we’ve chosen the winners for our “Start Writing and Get Us Laughing” contest! There were a lot of great submissions for the contest, and we really had a difficult time choosing the winners.

Of course, if you followed the information about the contest on our page, you probably know that there were certain submissions, which were claimed to be fraudulent by the contest application.

We stress the importance of the fact that this statement doesn’t mean that there is a 100% full proof method to identify cheaters. There are certain clues, which might suggest that. That’s why innocent contest participants could have lost the chance to win the contest. That’s why we have decided to accept all of the submissions and let the jury decide.

Note, that the jury tried to be objective – but you can’t possibly say that there is a 100% objective jury. We all base our decisions on our expertise and experiences. We want to encourage people, who did not win to understand the philosophy about the choices that the jury made – votes that you’ve received or praise from the comments or even your own opinion: these are all subjective and can’t be a proof that your specific submission actually deserved to be among the winners! That’s why you have to accept the results and we wish you good luck with our next promotions (which there will be plenty of)!

The winning essays will all be posted on our blog in the future, so you’ll have the chance to check them all out.

Ok, so the list of the winning essays is here:

1st place“Does That Translate? An Unbearable Customer Interaction” by Cynthia O. A great essay, which is easy to visualize, and was perfectly written. But most importantly – the ending is awesome!

2nd place“I Did It For The Story” by Shad W. Great plot and a hilarious ending!

3rd place“Writing Now and Then” by Pargat D. A great satirical piece with just a dash of philosophy.

4th place“Oh No” by Mishal A. An essay about writing mistakes, which sometimes may cause a lot of confusion.

5th place“Freelance Writing: Who put a Hex on us?” by Nalin S. An essay about tough choices in life of a freelance writer.

We wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all of the contest participants! We appreciate your attention towards our competition and we encourage you all to participate in our future promotions, which we’ll organise next year!

Dear contest participants, please check your e-mail for additional information on how to receive your prizes!

Good luck and thank you for staying with the!


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