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RWC Logotype Hey, guys!
I’ve got some great news for you! Since you’re reading this article, and if you haven’t visited our blog for the past couple of days, you might notice something. Go ahead, look around! Can you see the beauty of it? Yes, we have revamped the RWC blog for you.

So, what’s new? Well, a lot of stuff. First of all – you simply must love all of the new fonts and colors in the right sidebar. As you can see, the “Most Recent” section now looks pretty neat, so are the pictures on the posts.

We’ve also added some links to our social destinations and a big block about our Facebook page. I don’t know about you, but I love all of these widgets and other stuff that you can put onto a web page and so to me this looks absolutely amazing.

One important thing, that you might notice – we’ve changed the comments available on the blog posts. From now on, you won’t have to input any of your info and wait until your comment will be approved. Now you can post your comments using Facebook and the procedure becomes less complex.

We do hope that you enjoy the new design. We’ve been planning to make this update for a while now, but due to all of the new updates for the internal system – our IT Dpt. didn’t have the time.

Now you can access the blog in 2 different ways – from your admin panel, when you’re logged in (it’s right above the Live Chat icon) and from the main page by clicking on the Company Blog link in that fansy news highlight right at the center of the home page.

You can expect more blog design updates in the future: we are working on offering more functionality and usability for the users, so that you could enjoy our articles and updates even more.

Thank you for staying with the RWC!

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