Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsBlast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (August-September 2010)

RWC LogotypeHey, guys! We continue our “Blast fro the Past” article series.

If you have missed the first part, you can check it out right here.

As we told you earlier – our article writing efforts are reduced during the summer, because some of the staffers are on a vacation, or because we are trying to concentrate on new tasks, which should make your life easier.

Like the implementation of the Payoneer payment processing. We are also working on the payment FAQ section for you, our users. This should make your life easier when you deal with payments and payment information.

So here we go – another 3 great articles posted on our blog last year:

  • Using Samples: Playing It Safe
  • This article should offer your some additional information about samples of different academic works, how you can use them and how to make sure that you are not plagiarizing, by using someones written works as samples for your assignments with the RWC.

  • Grow As a Writer With Software
  • This article will offer you additional assistance concerning the right software tools, which you should use in your writing. It offers a number of solutions, which are absolutely necessary for freelance writers. You should definitely get acquainted with the resources available, at least browse through the materials available through the links, that we offer in the article.

  • Tools for Your Career Growth
  • Successful freelance writing career involves a lot of factors. One of them is networking – the more people you connect with professionally, the better: more job offers, more tips from other professionals. This article concentrates on one specific networking tool – social site for professionals, If you are not there yet, read the article to find out why you should sign up.

    We are going to continue our “Blast From the Past” series throughout the summer, mixing them with new articles! We are sure, that great content never gets old, so if you haven’t read these articles before, make sure to do just that! We wish you all the best and have a great summer! If you want to stay posted on the latest news with the RWC join our communities on Facebook and Twitter! Cheers!

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