Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsBlast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (August 2010)

RWC LogotypeAs you’ve probably noticed – there’s isn’t that much activity on our blog!

Of course, because it’s the summer and we, at the, need our vacation and relaxation too :)

That’s why we have stopped writing that many articles for the blog and spend much less time researching: mainly because there is simply less staff at the office! :)

But we keep in mind, that a lot of our writers joined the freelance writing ranks at the RWC recently! There are a lot of great articles on our blog, which you simply missed, because you weren’t around, or were too lazy to search through the available blog pages. I’m of course joking about the latter one – a freelance writer can’t be lazy, by default :)
So we are offering you to take a look at some of the earlier articles from our blog! They should offer you additional insight into freelance writing with some useful tips.

  • Start Working With RWC: a Guide for “Rookies”
  • This article covers some of the peculiarities of the RWC procedures, which will be useful for new writers. To be exact – it offers details on the registration procedure and how people should fill out their registration form. For those of you, who still think about joining the RWC – definitely a MUST read!

  • No More Excuses: How to Increase Your Efficiency!
  • This article offers some time management tips for freelance writers. It’s not a secret that some of our freelance writers, being great writing specialists in their field, miss the deadlines, because they aren’t able to organize themselves. This article covers organizational issues and is based on years of experience of our staffers! Definitely check it out!

  • Absolute “Must-Have” Software for a Freelance Writer
  • For those of you, who struggle with software – this is the article to read. It offers an essential list of additional software solutions a freelance writer should have. It also offers some tips on the software purposing: so if you are not sure if you need a particular program, mentioned in the list, you should read the article!

    We are going to continue our “Blast From the Past” series throughout the summer, mixing them with new articles! We are sure, that great content never gets old, so if you haven’t read these articles before, make sure to do just that! We wish you all the best and have a great summer! If you want to stay posted on the latest news with the RWC join our communities on Facebook and Twitter! Cheers!

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