Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing Fundamental Tips

freelance_writing_tipsAs freelancers, we have to maintain professional productivity, even if our office is the kitchen table and our IT staff is our teenaged offspring.

How can we obtain cooperation for our work from our household?

If we can get any degree of consistent support from those we live with, we increase our chances of success.

However, what can we do if our family or community actively denigrates the very idea of our working?

This can happen when a job, or this sort of job, is not an expected or accepted role for us, in the eyes of those around us. Let’s figure out how to disarm critics and garner enthusiastic backing.

Our personal sound bite

First, we need to develop a 30-second explanation of our work to share with anyone who wants to know. How we present our work and ourselves can make a huge difference in how others regard us. High-powered and high-priced career transformation gurus teach this concept, so apply it assiduously, for free.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Blast From the Past: RWC Article Digest (August 2010)

RWC LogotypeAs you’ve probably noticed – there’s isn’t that much activity on our blog!

Of course, because it’s the summer and we, at the, need our vacation and relaxation too :)

That’s why we have stopped writing that many articles for the blog and spend much less time researching: mainly because there is simply less staff at the office! :)

But we keep in mind, that a lot of our writers joined the freelance writing ranks at the RWC recently! There are a lot of great articles on our blog, which you simply missed, because you weren’t around, or were too lazy to search through the available blog pages. I’m of course joking about the latter one – a freelance writer can’t be lazy, by default :)
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