Company NewsHappy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, Folks! 2011 has been a great year for our community! We’ve acquired a whole host of wonderful new community members who have made the an even stronger professional freelance writing company!

Our Facebook community grew immensely – we are at almost 70,000 fans and the numbers keep growing!

We’ve implemented a whole raft of great updates that have made things work better for all of us! We keep working on quality control and efficiency to make our service better.

Our staff looks back proudly on a long list of accomplishments this last year: changes to internal procedures, numerous updates to our user interface, and many new features for you, our users! As you can see from the latest articles on our blog – we keep you apprised of all this via our updates. Almost every week, we add something to increase the usability of our site, and make your life even easier!

You can count on next year being better yet. We’re going to turn our efforts up a notch, because our community just keeps growing and growing, in quality and in size. We hope our ambitions come true, and we can make RWC the premier freelance writing community on the web! It’s well within our reach!

Of course, we also want to wish YOU, our writers, fans, and followers, all the best!
Stay healthy – of course, freelance writing is not, strictly speaking, a hazardous occupation, but we know that it can have its health implications! Be good to your body!

Get closer to your family – although freelance writing seems like a profession that allows you flexible time with your loved ones, we know that this is often not the case! Freelance writing requires you to isolate yourself from distractions in your surroundings (family ranks right up there); otherwise writing coherently can be a serious challenge. Find ways to re-connect!

Discover your potential – in freelance writing, the sky is your only limit! As long as you work hard, learn from your mistakes, and retain your passion for writing, you will be a successful freelance writer. So, never stop striving towards your goals and exploiting all the opportunities that can lead to them!

And, remember – we will always be there to offer you freelance writing advice and assistance! This is our gift to you, our community.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Truly Yours
RWC staff

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