Priceless Writing Tips5 Productivity Management Tools for Freelance Writers

Manage Your Productivity For any freelance writer, the time and the productivity management should become essentials for solid personal and career growth, but being good at those things is not always intuitive and easy for a lot of people.

You have to possess certain personal traits and characteristics to be always organized and on schedule with your tasks.

Now this shouldn’t sound as permission or an excuse for being late with your orders. Although there are not that a lot of users within our community, who are late on their assignments, there are numerous individuals, who make a habit out of it.

And that’s why I wanted to offer a couple simple solutions for your work. These solutions would not only help you meeting the deadlines, but are fun to use. And I’m sure that these solutions will even be useful for those of you, who are usually courteous with your freelance writing duties. Just because, these solutions should be able to free some time for your personal chores and hobbies.

First one is a password management tool called LastPass. These days it’s pretty hard to remember the ever increasing volumes of data that people have to memorize. I try to use different passwords for all of different accounts,I have on various sites, networks and various e-mail domains. Because it is safer not to use the same combination / password all the time.So I always have to keep up with all of the passwords I have. Last Pass is a cool tool for that. It offers secure domain to save all of your passwords, organize them and make necessary changes. Just make sure to remember at least the password to your account with Last Pass. Otherwise, you’re screwed

Another useful tool will be specifically interesting for those of you, who have problems with productivity and want to have more free time. It’s called the RescueTime. I actually just came across this site and there is a great description of the tool by one of their followers from Twitter:”… is like having your own helpful overseer who just wants you to be a more efficient person…” This tool offers solutions for time management in abundance. I won’t elaborate any further because I have certain limitations as for the article volume. You should definitely check it out, plus you can acquire setup within minutes.

Next one is actually more fun, it is known as NowDoThis. It’s a simple to-do list maker. It can’t get any simpler than that. In fact, taking a pen, a piece of paper and writing down your to-do list is actually more complicated than this solution. Check it out, at least, just for fun!Next two are more accessible, they are Firefox add-ons and are really easy to install and use.

One of them is HyperWords – a tool that assists you researching online. When it is on, you can highlight any word in the text and with a right click you receive an instant access to an array of useful tools for research: check the definition of the word in Wikipedia; share the content through your social media destinations, like Facebook and Twitter. And there’s plenty more to check out.

Second one is called LeechBlock. Simply put – it’s your personal proxy server. I know, it sounds like masochism to block your favorite online destinations. But if you are ready to acknowledge the fact that these sites are preventing you from working more effectively – then this tool is definitely for you. You can even set specific time limitations for the blocked sites: what day of the week you want them to be blocked and the exact time periods you want the blocks to last!

I hope you will be able to utilize all of these resources to enhance your productivity. And eventually become a better freelance writer and a more productive member of our freelance writing community.

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