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Winning PhotoAs you probably already know – we have a winner for our first Photo Contest from RWC! We congratulate the winner – Mikka Jillian Sy! You are eligible for the main contest prize of $500! There was a lot of competition and the votes were pretty much tied for a certain period of time!
But in the end you managed to attract the most significant number of voters and win the contest! :)
We weren’t sure about the winner up until the last couple of hours of the voting period, it was quite intense and we found it interesting to watch how submissions race each other, receiving more and more votes:)
As for the rest of you, guys, you can see the winning submission on the top! We find it pretty symbolic, because for a lot of people, freelance writing is just another occupation, mostly part-time. That’s why, there isn’t that much room for it in peoples’ lives and that can be said for desks of these people: freelancing workshops don’t take that much space there too.
But there were so many great contest submissions, which also deserve to be mentioned! So we wanted to commemorate this blog post to our favorite submissions for our photo contest.
Favorite Photo Contest Submission Of course, we want to start with our favorite submission, which would have won, if we were the jury (that’s why we decided – the voting should be held among our fans).
This picture was taken by Christophilus Van Bouwel and we decided, that this picture deserves a credit too.
Of course, some people might find it not that impressive, but you can’t say that about any of the RWC staffers!
We absolutely love it! It was hand made and we know that Chris was helped by his mother while making the picture, and the decorations in form of RWC logo.
We appreciate all of their work and as a sign of our sympathy, we are offering a consolation prize of $50 to Chris! :)
Great freelancing workshopThere were other great submissions, like this one, which you can see on the left: it contains a great example of a freelancing working space. What’s memorable about is the background, we identify it as a garden near the house. We, at the RWC, think that it might be a great source of inspiration.
We also like the post-its on the wall around the computer – a freelance writer should always be able to remember everything, and notes are a great help while organizing your working time.
Awesome freelancing workspaceThis photo contest submission is also a great example of freelancing working space.
It has everything, that a freelance writer needs – it contains shelves of books, which writer uses for research and/or during a break, as a way of distraction from another freelancing gig.
It also possesses another important trait: the working space is separated from the rest of the room, providing enough comfort for a freelancer to work productively on his/her writing gigs.
This submission was actually the most popular photo in our Facebook Photo Contest album.
It received a lot of “likes” and was actively discussed in the comments to the album, but unfortunately for the contestant, that didn’t transform into actual contest votes. We consider this picture to be our second favorite submission, right after the pic, submitted by Chris:) So we wish you good luck with your freelancing career!
vintage flavored freelance writing workshopWe want to mention another great picture, which has a certain vintage flavor and is simply interesting to look at. As you can see, this submission is particularly interesting because of the amount of books present to on the bookshelves.
We consider this to be a great library for any freelance writer and are pretty sure, that the submitter of the photo is a quite educated person and a great freelance writer.
If you want to see the rest of the submissions, please follow this link to the Photo Contest album on our Facebook page.
We wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the contest participants for your hard work on the submissions. We think that each one of the photos deserves a separate credit and each submission has its fans within the RWC staff.
To tell you the truth, some of our staffers also voted for their favorite submissions, because a lot of people from our project found each one of the photos to be unique, interesting and certainly descriptive, when it comes to showing a freelancing working space.
Of course, we realize, that not all of you were satisfied with the contest results, but please keep in mind, that this is one of our first contests. This is a trial and error path and in the future you can expect to see different voting schemes, prizes, et cetera.
Good luck with your freelancing gigs, we hope that you enjoyed the contest and much as we did! Have a great day! Cheers!

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