Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsFreelance Writing: Stressed Piecework or Your Life’s Vocation?

what is freelance writing for you Are you at a crossroads between full time freelance writing and holding a full time conventional job? Can you think of dozens of arguments for both? Are you waffling over a decision?

If so, then you need to examine all the pros and cons of freelance writing with insight, and make an informed and genuine choice. There is definitely a long list of advantages and disadvantages to freelancing; however, you need to define what freelancing is for you individually: an unhealthy occupation, or a vocation for an entire life.

Freelance writing is often deemed to be an unhealthy profession because of the many stresses caused by the lack of steady income and work stability, and the need to spend excessive time at the computer, often accompanied by way too much junk food. The stressful situations that crop up in freelance writing are usually precipitated by the absence of work, and by dishonest customers. Such stress was incisively described by Robert Benchley definition: “The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”

However, in reality, freelancing is not nearly as stress inducing as is commonly imagined in the contemporary business world. As with any other job, freelance writing is only as stressful as the current set of circumstances. For one thing, working with a firm that pre-screens and arranges payment for all work can reduce the probability of being “stiffed” by a client. Furthermore, the absence of regular work for a freelance writer is directly comparable to the potential for lay-offs from a full time position.

Although freelance writing may seem to lack income stability in comparison with conventional jobs, it may actually garner even greater rewards, at times, than fulltime work: at other time times, more modest returns. Thus, the truth has multiple faces.

For those who have done it for some time, the verdict is that the major disadvantage of freelance writing is the amount of time spent in front of a computer. Combined with the temptation to grab something junky to eat rather than taking the time to eat nutritiously, this can lead to a less active, and therefore unhealthier, lifestyle.

However, if you know how to manage your time sensibly, you can find time for exercise in a gym, a walk, or other physically active pursuits. Furthermore, junk food is not just the downfall of freelance writers! Fortunately, we have a choice about what we actually put in our mouths; whether junk or something nutritious.

Considering freelance writing as a life vocation, try outlining a formal list of advantages. The first is the immense variety of interests that you can pursue or be exposed to, because freelance writers work in varied fields, from science, to comedy, or philosophy. The second advantage is the potential for effective use of time.

When you are a freelance writer you need to arrange your time properly in order to accomplish your orders and still have time for rest and the rest of life. What is needed to achieve this goal is to learn to manage your time effectively. The third point is the enhancement of your writing skills.

Almost any gig is going to require research, analysis of sources of information, and synthesis of something original and useful. This process cannot help but result in the improvement of your language skills, knowledge base, and facility at researching. These three advantages can transform a pursuit that earns money into a life vocation with enormous opportunities for personal growth and development.

Summarizing the pros and cons of freelance writing, it is necessary to admit that its disadvantages consists in some unhealthy moments like stress from earnings instability and frauds; however, this disadvantage is largely offset by the numerous advantages that freelancing possesses. Offering the potential to pursue varied interests and genres, to control one’s work time individually and effectively, and to continue to develop professionally, freelance writing can be a perfect vocation for an entire lifetime.

Thus, your true and genuine choice lies hidden among your most authentic desires: if you aspire to interesting tasks that permit you to manage your time uniquely and personally, while deepening and broadening your skills, then neither stresses nor lack of stability can frighten you and dissuade you from freelance writing.

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