Buzz on the WebHappy Halloween, Guys!

RWC Halloween preparations I hope that you love this holiday as much as I do! I mean, what other official holidays allow you to wear ridiculous outfits and get wasted with your friends, and that’s all at the same time (except for maybe St. Patrick’s Day) :)

Since practically no one will be at the office on Sunday, we’ll have our party for the Halloween organized on Friday. Since the trend right now is…zombies, we have got everything prepared – ketchup as a substitute for blood, hands made of jelly, because zombies need a snack too :) and tons of other stuff.

How do you celebrate your Halloween? What’s your all-time favorite costume that you wore, or maybe someone else did? Share your thoughts and ideas!

It is one of the global holidays, as I call them. It has become international many years ago! A lot of people from different countries simply loved the concept – and it became popular all over the world: Europe, Asia and Africa! And if you are still not in a circle of people who celebrate it – we suggest you to find a group of enthusiasts! And prepare your costume for Sunday! You’ll have a blast!

And while you are preparing for the H-Day, here are some links that could instigate your creativity in creating Halloween costumes:

Here’s a great compilation for you!

And if you are into Internet memes, then THIS one is just for you!

Have a wonderful holiday – feel free to share your Halloween experiences in the comments section to this article!

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