Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated TopicsOnline Writers, Please Stop Doing These 5 Ineffective Things

Stop DoingDo you sometimes feel broken and unmotivated without any obvious reasons for it? This syndrome is quite common among online writers. When you work alone from the comfort of your home, staying energized and super productive can be hard.
At least, stop doing the following ineffective things taking too much of your energy:

  1. Being too sensitive to criticism. Let’s be honest: getting only positive feedbacks is close to impossible. It’s not that important how others (who may be even not experts in the field) rate your work. The way you react to criticism is way more important. Never let the words of others let you down. Accept only objective remarks.
  2. Expecting acclaim. Sometimes you may think that not getting any negative feedbacks isn’t enough. Then you start waiting for the deserved acclaim. However, clients are often too lazy to express their delight. The truth is that people are more likely to leave feedbacks when they hate your job than when they love it.
  3. Fearing to ask for help. Being a freelancer is not the same as working on a desert island. There’s nothing wrong in asking someone for a piece of advice. Visit professional forums and question boards to connect with your colleagues.
  4. Using old school methods. You can be conservative about anything in your life – your clothing style or the way you spend weekends. But never adapting to the innovations is dangerous. If you fully ignore all those online writing tools and apps, at a certain point you may discover that you’re lagging behind your savvy colleagues.
  5. Working late into the night. This one is for workaholics or severe procrastinators. Make it a rule to let your brain rest. Your body will be grateful if you do and you will really enjoy the result.

Do you sometimes exploit any of the ineffective strategies discussed above? Please leave your answers in the comments section below.

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