Priceless Writing Tips Transition Sentences: How to Make Your Essays Flow

Transition SentencesYou can be doing a great job providing strong arguments and defending your position. However, it can still go wrong if you ignore the main principles of essay logic. It’s extremely important to combine your essay into a whole and make it flow. Here’s how to include transition sentences into your papers:

How to Make Transitions

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Priceless Writing Tips 40 Great Clichés to Add to Your Academic Phrase Bank

Academic Phrase Bank‘Avoid clichés like the plague,’ you’ve probably heard this tip too many times. However, this advice is almost useless for academic writers.

You can and should use clichés in academic papers. It’ll save you plenty of time and it can make your papers look much better.
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Three Skills Every 21st Century Online Writer Needs

Online Writer Progress never stops. When it comes to writing as a job, the progress is galloping and leaving hundreds of talented but conservative folks behind. The HR managers claim that the three skills are the most important for online writers to keep up in the era of rapid changes.

Three Common Skills of Top Online Writers

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics 5 Surprisingly Effective Writing Tactics for You

Writing Tactics Even if you’re one of those lucky super creative writers who do not believe in writer’s block, your productivity is not always the same. It’s not you. There can be lots of objective reasons for it. You may lack sunlight or vitamins or simply feel exhausted.

Anyway, here are 5 science-backed writing tactics that are surprisingly effective and will help you succeed in any circumstances and any time of the year:
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Online Writers, Please Stop Doing These 5 Ineffective Things

Stop DoingDo you sometimes feel broken and unmotivated without any obvious reasons for it? This syndrome is quite common among online writers. When you work alone from the comfort of your home, staying energized and super productive can be hard.
At least, stop doing the following ineffective things taking too much of your energy:

  1. Being too sensitive to criticism. Let’s be honest: getting only positive feedbacks is close to impossible. It’s not that important how others (who may be even not experts in the field) rate your work. The way you react to criticism is way more important. Never let the words of others let you down. Accept only objective remarks.
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