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Famous Writers If you think that freelance writers always stay in the shadow, you might be not quite right. Some of the most famous writers started off as freelancers though you know them as super popular personalities only. And here are 8 of their inspiring stories:

8 Famous Writers

Even the legendary uber-successful writers once had difficulties finding a job. These 8 famous writers confessed that they took freelance writing gigs at the very start of their careers:

  1. Stephen King confessed that he actually started as a freelancer. And his first writing attempts were not really successful. Would you ever believe this? King received dozens of rejection letters. However, it never stopped him. This clearly shows how persistence and optimism might be even more important than the writing talent for success.
  2. Isaac Asimov, now one of the most recognized sci-fi writers, once was a freelancer sending his works to sci-fi magazines. And whereas not all of them were published, now Asimov is one of a few writers who have a crater on Mars named after him.
  3. J.D. Salinger, whose book Catcher in the Rye influenced an entire generation, had difficulties publishing his first stories as a freelancer.
  4. Ray Bradbury started his first writing gig for the Burns and Allen radio show at the age of 14. Then he continued freelancing by sending his articles to different magazines.
  5. Jack London tried numerous professions on his way to the international recognition. He worked as a sailor and a gold miner, and a true freelance writer. His first writing gigs included articles for about $0.10 per word.
  6. Mark Twain started as a freelance journalist. Interestingly, he was probably one of the first ‘travel writers’.
  7. Robert Frost, a well-known 4 time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, sold his first poem to New York Independent for $15. He was winged with success, and he even decided to propose to his girlfriend. But she refused.
  8. Charles Dickens started off his career as a freelance journalist. He contributed his articles to the little-read papers, and probably had no idea that one day he will be recognized as the greatest novelist of all time.

So, these famous writers started off as freelancers, just like you. The path to success can be not straight, but it’s always 100% worth it.

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