Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics19 Hard Things Freelance Writer Should Do to Stay Happy

Freelance Writer One should do unpleasant things. The things that nobody else does. And the things that scare you. And the things you think you can’t do.

Those things shape your personality. They define whether you will go with the stream or whether you will live a successful life.

The easiest solution is to escape difficulties. However, the simple truth is that most freelance writers who achieve success keep doing those unpleasant things, which others escape because they are difficult or boring.

19 Hard Things Every Freelance Writer Should Do

So, all you need to do to be happier and more successful is:

  1. Wake up a bit earlier than you’d love to.
  2. Give more than you receive. Always.
  3. Take care of others better than they take care of you.
  4. Continue struggling even when you’re tired, exhausted or depressed.
  5. Lack confidence after choosing a difficult path, while it seems that a safer way is better.
  6. Be a leader even if nobody follows you yet.
  7. Make investments in your personal development when there’s nobody to invest in you. Top freelance writers never stop their self-development.
  8. Look foolish trying to answer questions which have no solutions.
  9. Sink your teeth into details when you want to dispel your doubts.
  10. Achieve result though you could find an excuse instead.
  11. Try to understand something whereas others tell you ‘accept it as a fact’.
  12. Make mistakes and look like an idiot.
  13. Run faster when you’re short of breath.
  14. Be nice to people who were cruel to you.
  15. Start again, saying yourself: ‘It’s possible’.
  16. Get to know the necessary people even if you’re afraid of saying ‘hello’ to them.
  17. Take the responsibility for your actions even if it goes wrong.
  18. Apologize.
  19. Call people you’re afraid to call.

It’s simple and hard at the same time. But it’s worth trying, anyway. And your life will change for better sooner than you think.

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