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Contest from RWC This week we are presenting you the 2nd place winner in our “Start Writing and Get Us Laughing” contest!

The point of the contest was pretty simple – write an amusing story about freelance writing (fictional or from your own experience).

We’ve identified 5 winners of the contest and wanted to highlight these contest submissions for you.

Make sure check back next week – the winning submission will be waiting for you!

“I Did It for the Story” by Shad W.

It was a cold December day in downtown Manhattan, NY. I was in my mid-twenty’s, but acted as old as I possibly could. Nokia had flown me in from Chicago to demo a new product line. I was in sales and dressed as if I was an Executive. The BIG launch was filled with various “Suits” and Corporate so-and-so’s.

My Oban on was on its last rock when I saw her. She was taking photos of the event and I couldn’t help but notice her outfit. She appeared in what could be labeled a secretaries uniform. However, below her designer skirt was a pair high top Chuck Taylor’s.

I wasn’t totally sure if it was her luscious lips or her strawberry colored hair or just her shoes, but I knew I had to talk to her.

I rolled the dice and went up to her and said, “Damn I hate these things.”

She looked at me for a moment with a puzzled face and said, “I thought I was the only one.”

She then asked me what I was doing there, leading towards thee idea that I didn’t belong with these big wigs. I did what anyone my age would do, I told a little white lie. I told her I was a freelance writer for the New York Times.

With just one fine lie I had won over her approval. The BIG launch came and went and when it was done she asked me out for a drink.

Unsure what a freelance writer drinks I ordered the first thing that came to my mind, a whiskey sour. She happened to drink them as well. Our conversation grew and grew, she became infatuated with the idea that I worked for the Times. She said it was her dream to work there and she would do anything for a chance to prove herself.

A few more lies later we end up in my hotel room. It didn’t stop there… A few weeks later I lost my “Real” job and moved to NY to be closer to her. I spent countless nights trying to create artistic writings and stories.

One day she told me she applied for a job at the Times and used my name as an internal reference. The Times told her they had no idea who I was or where I came from. She left me, but before she did she gave me a photo. It was of a monkey trying to type, on top of the photo was a post-it note that read “The difference between you and a monkey is that the monkey doesn’t try to hide the fact he is a fake.”

Just below that it said, “Also the monkey has a bigger penis than you do.”

Editor’s note: Great story, Shad! It would fit greatly as a starting plot twist for some sort of a romantic comedy :) Thank you for participating in our contest!

Coming up, next week – the contest winner!

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