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Some thoughts about your work from our QA Dpt. Working online can feel anonymous and dehumanizing at times. This new blog is meant to offset that. We want it to be an important communication channel, establishing a more personal relationship between our far-flung writers and the company’s in-house staff.

That’s why we conducted a series of interviews with the QA Department, seeking to personalize their work, and share, with you, what issues frustrate them daily. Look for upcoming articles here, taking the perspective of the hard-working folks who help us all stay in line with the company’s standards and procedures.

When I first got the brain wave to interview our own in-house employees, I didn’t know where to start. So, I just sauntered over to QA, and made myself incredibly annoying; wandering around, staring over their shoulders at their monitor screens, and asking dumb questions.

And, voila! It worked! They were so eager to get rid of me that they abandoned their computers to answer my questions=) Of course, I’m joking! These folks always help writers, which included me as the blog writer. Their reflex responses kicked in and they extended themselves graciously to answer all my inquiries (Thanks, by the way).

So, let us cut to the chase – many issues bother the QA Department!

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