Buzz on the Web Kenya Gets a Democratic Upgrade!

Democratic Update for Kenya is On the Way!You know how some folks are always vocal about our democratic rights and Constitutional freedoms being” taken from us by our government”. Well, in some places around the world, the government is actually doing the opposite!

For example, I stumbled upon a series of articles highlighting the national referendum in Kenya which was to decide whether the citizens should accept a new Constitution. Kenya, like many other countries on the African continent, is far from democratic. With its crime levels and corruption, it struggles to achieve a decent level of stability.

That is why the new, updated Kenyan Constitution was crafted to overhaul the way the country is governed. It may have a wider impact in the whole region. It is considered to be a progressive document, for the most part (although it has been criticized both for giving special preference to Islamic law, and, on the other hand, for allowing any abortion at all).

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