Priceless Writing TipsHere’s How to Easily Deal with Major Essay Types

Essay Types

Why bother about different essay types? After all, the topic is much more important that that. Right? Well, not exactly.

Every essay type has its peculiarities and following those requirements, you’ll have much better chances for success. Different kinds of essays were invented to make your texts stronger and your work easier.

Here’s how you deal with major types of writing:

5 Paragraph Essay

One of the most common essay types is a 5 paragraph essay. Generally, most of the following types can exploit this standard pattern of 5 paragraphs:

  1. Introduction
  2. 1st main body paragraph
  3. 2nd main body paragraph
  4. 3rd main body paragraph
  5. Conclusion

It’s a sign of quality academic writing style to start a new paragraph for every new idea. Additionally, you should never introduce any new information in the conclusion. Conclusion is all about repetition of what has already been said.


One of the top essay types you’ll need to handle in college is an argumentative essay, which attempts to prove a certain debatable point.

  1. Introduction presenting the issue.
  2. First strong argument supporting the point.
  3. Second strong argument supporting the point.
  4. Consideration of counterarguments (if any)
  5. Conclusion – repetition of a thesis statement in different wording.

Compare and Contrast

Another popular essay type is a comparative one. The most important point is to choose objects which have certain similarities and differences at the same time.

Pattern 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Similarities
  3. Differences
  4. Conclusion

Pattern 2:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Aspects A, B, C in the first object.
  3. Aspects A, B, C in the second object.
  4. Conclusion.

The choice of the more appropriate pattern in this case depends on your personal preferences or the specifics of the topic.

So, different essay types require different approaches. Would you like to add patterns for any other writing modes?

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