Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Careers in Writing: Top 20 Amazing Jobs for Writers

Careers in Writing In older times, writers just starting their careers had as only great examples to look at novels such as Don Quixote or The Three Musketeers. However, nowadays things are quite different. New writers don’t even have to limit themselves to fiction writing – there are plenty of other opportunities. So have a look at this list of top 20 writing careers.

Careers in writing: top 20

  1. Fiction writer (yes, this option still remains popular);
  2. technical writer (writes manuals and technical guides);
  3. copywriter (advertisement writer);
  4. reporter (journalist);
  5. critic (writes reviews of products, services, movies and books);
  6. news writer;
  7. news editor;
  8. columnist;
  9. screenwriter;
  10. song writer;
  11. blogger;
  12. travel writer;
  13. medical writer (writes and edits medical documents);
  14. business writer (proposals, articles, press releases etc.);
  15. resume writer (helps people write their resumes and CVs);
  16. content writer (content for different websites);
  17. greeting cards and funny SMS text writer (yes, somebody has to write the text for these too);
  18. horoscope or weather forecast writer (for those who are proud of their profound intuition);
  19. writing tutor (if you feel confident in your skills and knowledge, you could teach others how to write);
  20. academic writer.

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Writers’ Forum or How to Survive in the Internet Desert

Writers’ Forum Although freelance writing has a great number of obvious advantages, the lack of communication with colleagues is a fly in the ointment. On one hand, online writers save plenty of time, avoiding chats and gossips in front of the coffee machine, which are characteristic of classic office routine. On the other hand, they have no opportunities to receive a piece of advice from more experienced professionals. A writer’s forum can be a perfect solution to this problem.

The basics of writers’ forums

The so-called writers’ workshops or forums can serve as good substitutes for the talks in front of a coffee machine. Furthermore, forums are even better in certain aspects. Here are only a few convincing arguments:

  • All forums are voluntary. You choose when to visit them, so you can visit them only when you need to. By contrast, you can never escape polite talks about weather and other nonsense when one of your colleagues has a severe condition of the talkative syndrome.
  • All forums are informative. Most people come to forums to exchange valuable (!!) experience, impressions and information. Fortunately, on forums nobody comes just to ask: “Do you know who s/he has been with in the bar last night?”
  • All forums are easy-to-read. By contrast to multi-volume reference books, writing forums use simple and sometimes emotional language. Even though you should be careful and follow only the best of writers’ advice, hints from experienced freelancers are usually tested by practice and time. This is why the information from forums can be worth its weight in gold.

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Jobs for Writers: Check a Variety of Exceptional Suggestions!

Jobs for Writers Welcome our special guest – expert Ms. Jane Doe. Today, Jane is going to answer all your questions about writers and jobs for writers!

Where to find writing jobs?”

Jane Doe:

“Whenever you’re searching for a job in writing, remember that you’ll find plenty of them online.”

Jobs for Writers: Learn about the Great Experience You Can Have.

“What is freelance writing?”

Jane Doe:

“A freelance writing job is the position which allows you to write all sorts of content online.”

Jobs for Writers.

“What sort of jobs for freelance writers are there?”

Jane Doe:

“There are three main types, the technical writing, the creative writing and copywriting. However, no matter what job, writing must be unique and original.”

Jobs for Writers.

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Copywriter Jobs: Book Your Tickets to a Brighter Future

Copywriter jobs Do you know the real value of a single word? It might be even higher than you think if you try to sell the words you write. If you can boast about your creativity and good writing skills, freelance writing is for you. If you can turn a tale about the ugly duckling into a psychological thriller, you might seriously think of a copywriting job. Selling words can be a good business. Let’s discuss the opportunities of copywriter jobs in detail.

Copywriter Jobs: amazing Opportunities

What is a copywriter job? Copywriting jobs can be your ticket to a brighter future. Just think of all these amazing opportunities that you can enjoy if you decide to become a copywriter:

  • an attractive salary;
  • convenient working hours;
  • interesting and creative work;
  • self-realization;
  • self-improvement.

By the way, did you know that creative work was good for your health? Copywriting jobs can even help keeping you healthy.
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Company News Latest Updates: Introducing New Payment Method and More! logotype Skrill (Moneybookers) Available for RWC Users

Yes, guys, it’s finally here – new additional payment method! Of course, you know I’m talking about Skrill, or as some may know it – Moneybookers!

We’ve receive a lot of requests for this payment method and, as promised earlier, we’re doing everything to make the best freelance writing community on the web! That’s why we kept our promise and made Skrill – part of RWC payment options.
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