Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing Fundamental Tips, PART 2

fundamental freelance writing tips We do hope that you liked the first part of this article, if you haven’t had the chance to read it – check it out right here! But let’s proceed…

Having support for our freelance work in our own home is critical for our success as freelance writers.

Since families can find many grounds for complaint regarding your work choices, disarming them is a daunting challenge.

We examined some strategies recently for garnering such backing.

We discussed the advisability of preparing a sound bite summary of our work, delineating our work time, space, and identity clearly, and documenting the benefits of that work.

Let’s consider some other possible routes to at least a grudging acceptance of our chosen career path.

This is not an inconsequential issue. As of 2005, a third of the US work force could be considered freelancers, and at least 2% of Americans consider home their primary place of employment.

We are not alone! However, if the people we live with oppose our efforts, we have little chance of making it in this new freelance economy. How can we get these dear ones ‘on board’?
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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Freelance Writing Fundamental Tips

freelance_writing_tipsAs freelancers, we have to maintain professional productivity, even if our office is the kitchen table and our IT staff is our teenaged offspring.

How can we obtain cooperation for our work from our household?

If we can get any degree of consistent support from those we live with, we increase our chances of success.

However, what can we do if our family or community actively denigrates the very idea of our working?

This can happen when a job, or this sort of job, is not an expected or accepted role for us, in the eyes of those around us. Let’s figure out how to disarm critics and garner enthusiastic backing.

Our personal sound bite

First, we need to develop a 30-second explanation of our work to share with anyone who wants to know. How we present our work and ourselves can make a huge difference in how others regard us. High-powered and high-priced career transformation gurus teach this concept, so apply it assiduously, for free.
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Priceless Writing Tips Absolute “Must-Have” Software for a Freelance Writer

Useful Software for Freelance WritersI’m guessing that if you’re reading this article, you struggle sometimes with word processing tasks: opening a file, compressing a bunch of files for sending, inserting tables and graphics, etc. That’s why I’ll try to guide you through the peculiarities of several software products which you will definitely need.

First, and the most painful for our Support Department, are file compression tools. These make sending large amounts of data (more than 2-3 files) much faster and easier. The most widely used ones are WinRaR and WinZip. They offer free trial downloads for a period of several weeks.

After the 30 day trial period (which could be more, or less) you can try uninstalling the software, but you will have to pay for it. Perhaps you can afford to purchase a license. “Free” versions often include a toolbar and other add-ons you might/might not welcome.

The installation package consumes only 4-5 Mbs and is easy to install. Sometimes, it takes less than a second for the program to be installed, and the software is automatically filed in your system folder. This means many of you folks cannot even verify completed installation.

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