Company News Latest Updates: Changes to the Terms of Service logotype This week I wanted to tell you more about an update, which concerns every RWC user. Today we’ve updated our Terms of Service and made them available to every RWC user after the registration.

Earlier – you had the chance to review the ToS page only during the registration process.

From now on, the link to our ToS will be available from the footer of any page, right after you login to RWC.

Why is this important?

Because Terms of Service govern a lot of issues within the, such as: copyright issues, deadline observance, personal information management, etc.

We paid specific attention to:

  • copyright
  • plagiarism
  • quality assurance

The page also explains the potential consequences of violations and we strongly recommend you to read the Terms of Service carefully. Possible disputes may potentially be settled using ToS as guidelines, so it’s important for you to learn them well.

In a week from now, on the 3rd of May you will have to mandatory accept the new Terms of Service, otherwise, your access to some of the website features will be blocked (you will not be able to properly work within RWC).

Don’t worry – the window with the new ToS will pop up automatically, so you will have to just read (unless you haven’t done that yet) and accept them. We suggest you to read these Terms beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts.

Thank you for staying with the

Truly Yours
RWC staff