Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Three Skills Every 21st Century Online Writer Needs

Online Writer Progress never stops. When it comes to writing as a job, the progress is galloping and leaving hundreds of talented but conservative folks behind. The HR managers claim that the three skills are the most important for online writers to keep up in the era of rapid changes.

Three Common Skills of Top Online Writers

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Uncategorized Top 30 Quotes about Love to Inspire Online Writers

30 Quotes about Love “All you need is love” John Lennon assures everyone. And it’s as relevant as ever this week when St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As one of the world’s major driving forces, love makes this planet move. So, there’s no doubt that the following quotes about love from famous people can become an extra portion of motivation for you.

The Blessing of Being in Love: Quotes

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Buzz on the Web The Funniest Lateness Excuses from RWC Users! You Should Definitely Check Them Out!

Excuses for being late from RWC writersI realize that some of you might object to this post. Let me reassure you that these are selected from long deactivated accounts at

As you might infer, the main reason they are no longer active writers is their tardiness. Saying that they were endlessly creative in offering these excuses hardly captures it. There are literally hundreds of similar messages. I am actually considering creating a Hall of Fame for these folks, if management approves. Of course, I am joking.

These are listed in numerical order, so, if you want to, you can leave your vote for one or more of them in the comment area. Let us know which ones you liked most, and I will inform you folks which one is the “winner” – just for laughs! :)

These all come directly from the text of the messages, with minimal editing for readability, and an occasional comment.

1. “…I left my keys in the car and I closed it. I can’t open the apartment – so I can’t access my Mac. My BF has spare keys to my car! I will have to wait for him. He lives on the other side of the town, so it might take couple of hours for him to get here…I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry.

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Buzz on the Web How Modern Technologies are Affecting Your Freelance Writing Experience

Technologies that Assist Freelance Writers Anything to do with mobile technologies is such a hot topic all over the Internet – I regularly check out sites that monitor the buzz.

I’m sure you’d like to keep abreast of all the newest, too! :)

Mobile technologies are an increasingly significant feature of contemporary life. I’m curious about how you folks are utilizing these devices flooding the market. Maybe I have some solutions you have not thought of already.

These devices can certainly increase the pleasure and flexibility of freelancing making it a more powerful experience!

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Seasonal Update for Freelance Writers

Freelance Wriitng Updates from RWCAs the “high season” is coming up, the Quality Assurance Department has voiced a number of concerns regarding the way some of our freelancers handle business.

They appreciated the fact that, in a previous article, I highlighted their concerns about how writers conduct their communications. Just consider this article a follow-up, to get you ready and “in shape” for the upcoming high-season “ordering madness”.

A major concern for the QA folks is that many writers who have experienced a high season now consider themselves fully prepared to take on more orders than usual. So do many new writers – they see a plethora of available orders pouring in faster than they can apply or complete them!

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