Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Extracting Information: Don’t Miss Any of Those Important Ideas, PART 3

informational techniques It’s pretty hard to find some time for writing a new blog post when there is so much stuff to do: contests, press releases, etc. But our editors will always find time to share some freelancing goodies with you.

This is the third part of our article, dedicated to information, and how freelance writers should handle it. You can find part 1 – here; and part 2 – here. But let’s go with part 3.

As freelancers, our time, and our brains, are our stock-in-trade. We need to optimize our use of both in order to make the effort pay off. We have discussed, in two previous posts, some suggestions for capturing useful ideas and data from the whirlwind of information swirling around us. Where to direct our attention, how to decide what to retain, how to build on previous work – these are just a few of the strategies outlined. There are so many stimuli bombarding us daily – how can we snatch the most useful from the air, as it were, and use them to improve our writing overall? Some strategies follow. Read the rest of this entry »

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Extracting Information: Don’t Miss Any of Those Important Ideas, PART 2

informational techniques Part 2 of our awesome article! Let’s not waste your time! And so…

Freelancing means putting our knowledge at the service of clients who may be quite desperate, at the moment. Our customers hope, and have a right to expect, that we will bring something to whatever document we are producing that the customer could not have thought of themselves.

In fact, a most painful client feedback comment is, “I could/should have done this myself”. How can we enhance the fund of ideas and information that we can contribute to orders? In an earlier blog post, we discussed a few ideas regarding paying attention to the quality of one’s media consumption, choosing, retaining, and reinforcing useful ideas, and using them in a document. Let’s examine some more ideas on fully exploiting the information stream that we wade in daily, to succeed in freelancing. Read the rest of this entry »

Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Extracting Information: Don’t Miss Any of Those Important Ideas!

informational techniques Capturing useful ideas as they occur is a writer’s secret weapon for incorporating current interest, color, novelty, and, originality into a project. Since we can’t anticipate what we are assigned, anything that we see or hear in daily life could conceivably turn out to be useful.

How can we maximize our chances of gleaning usable ideas from our environment? How can we recognize, take note of, and retain, successfully, potentially useful information? These are skills worth cultivating. We’ll examine some approaches.

The first strategy is to ensure our minimum daily requirement of nutritionally dense nourishment for our brains. By exposing ourselves to intellectually stimulating sources, we increase our chances of capturing relevant ideas. Similarly, we should go light on the empty calories of media and activities.

To accomplish this we need to be proactive about our media exposure. We can use the time we spend at work, or, if that is distracting, then when we are doing chores. At the risk of sounding biased, the choice between top 40 pop music, or an article on lip gloss, on the one hand, and a piece about an author, statesperson, or scientist on the other, seems clear. Unless your field of writing IS, in fact, the review, critique, and analysis of top 40 popular music, isn’t a serious interview or news program more likely to contain usable notions? Read the rest of this entry »

Company News More Info on the Upcoming Admin Panel Overhaul (+New Screenshots)!

Judging by the reactions that we have received from the first article highlighting the new features of the admin panel, we can see that you are as excited about the new interface as we are! We are really glad here, at the ResearchWritingCenter project that you are eager to use the new interface.

Believe me, its reveal is close. But for now, I’ve prepared some more teasers for you. These new screenshots disclose more info and options about the new functionality that the admin panel will have to offer.
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Company News Admin Panel – New Insider Info About the Update Revealed (+Screenshots)! Dear RWC users, I’ve previously informed you on the update that we are preparing for your admin panel within the RWC.

It is getting closer to its final stage, and our IT Dpt. is doing a gigantic amount of work to bring this new user interface to you as soon as possible.

So I’m offering you some inside scoop on how things will work within the new system. At first, I would like to stress the fact that it is really important for the company to make the transition to the new system as least “painful” as possible for the users that have adjusted to the old way they have interacted with the RWC.

That is why the first thing to know for you is that while we will be launching the new interface, the old one that you have used will still be available for an extended period of time. You will be able to switch anytime.

If you are using Twitter and were able to see how it recently presented new experience for the users while having the old interface on – then you’ll get the idea.

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