Buzz on the Web Which Apps for Freelancers Are You Already Using?

200 We asked our community what software is making their lives easier. Of course, you can be already using some of the following apps for freelancers, but some of them can be valuable finds. Enjoy!

Apps for Freelancers: Data Storage

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Freelance Writing: Simple Tips on Complicated Topics Tools for Your Career Growth

Useful Tools for Your Career GrowthI guess since most of you take advantage of all the available social networks these days, you must have figured out how they connect you swiftly with your friends and relatives.

But what if all of these friends could help you to find a better job, based on your skill and performance? Wouldn’t that be nice? It surely would=). This article will bring up-to-date on one of the most powerful career tools currently available on the web.

Social networking is awesome. But career social networking is even more awesome. Why? Well, social networks are mostly about keeping up with friends, and you may agree that much of the info you get from your contacts via social networks is actually useless.

The resource I’d like to bring to your attention is called LinkedIn ( This is a business-oriented social network designed to provide you with a career growth tool.

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