Priceless Writing Tips Overcoming Creative Block: Another Article Covering This Widely Discussed Topic

Fighting creative block You’ll empathize with this: the deadline was closing for our next blog posting. Ominously, I couldn’t think of any earth-shaking topics. After all, if you look at our blog, you’ll see that I’ve already covered quite a few.

This moment, when you think you have temporarily run out of ideas, is a dangerous point in any creative process.

This is what is called creative block, and it is exactly what I was experiencing right before writing this article.

You see the article, so what helped me overcome the problem? Analysis! It sounds weird, but in order for me to write an article, I needed to analyze why couldn’t write an article. The analysis itself turned out to be the article! Some might call this an easy way out, but I hope that this article will actually help my readers.

OK, let’s consider step one: looking in the obvious places. “If you want to hide something, put it in plain view” – as said by that early practitioner of the mystery-writer’s craft, E.A. Poe. I was sitting here wondering, “Why can’t I come up with a topic?” Then I ask myself, “ Wait, could this be a topic?”. And that is how you eventually came to see this piece. Make sure, however, that you explore the topic from a point of view that will be interesting to your readers. I hope mine does the job :)
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