Priceless Writing Tips Setting the Tone for Productivity

How to Be ProductiveSometimes, when you begin work on a freelance paper, it is tough to concentrate. You can’t get started; you feel a headache coming on, or simply feel like you are not up to writing at the moment. How can you circumvent these problems?

Here are a couple of ways to get you in the right psychological and physical state for research and writing.

You need to remember that any distractions can throw you off track when you are working on a custom paper. So, first of all, try to find a quiet room in which to work.

If you don’t have the option of writing in a quiet room, then the next best option is to use music to create a personal sound environment for yourself. Put on headphones, if you have them, and pick music that either relaxes or stimulates you. For me, the music which works is “trance” and occasionally some alternative rock. But if you like hard rock, hip-hop, classical, or jazz – then go ahead and tune that in.

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Priceless Writing Tips Safeguarding Your Data: Tips to Avoid Losing All That Hard Work

Save Your DataMost of you folks use MS Word as your main word processing tool. Often, you contact us to say that you have lost data. Perhaps it was not saved where you can retrieve it, or you suspect a virus interfered with your computer’s functioning. How can you avoid these problems?

First of all, we want to make it clear that we realize that some of you really encounter software issues that prevent you from meeting a deadline. But we also can clearly see that others of you freelancers out there cite software problems as an excuse to delay submission.

This is either because you are struggling with time management, or because life, as they say, “happens”!

In any case, most likely you will be fined for such instances, either by lateness fines, or by separate fines imposed by the QA Dpt., depending on the frequency of such occurrences. We cannot determine the truth of your assertions, so any fines, most likely, will be applied to all of the cases.

There are ways for you to prevent many such troublesome issues.

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Priceless Writing Tips Using Samples: Playing It Safe

Samples of Writing - How to Use Them SafelyAs freelancers with us, it is clear that you deal with new work all the time. You are doing one assignment after another on widely differing topics, under tight deadlines. Furthermore, you are usually working by yourself. It is really hard to do this all without guidance, or a lot more detailed instructions than we usually receive from customers!

A lot of you use samples, as a visual aid to structure your work, or to help understand a particular topic. But some of you, sometimes, take this practice in the wrong direction; by using these samples as your own work, or simply ripping them off.

Shame on you, if you actually use the text of a writing sample in your own papers. You need to realize that you are committing plagiarism by doing this is illegal. That poses a huge risk to your position with us.

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Buzz on the Web Kenya Gets a Democratic Upgrade!

Democratic Update for Kenya is On the Way!You know how some folks are always vocal about our democratic rights and Constitutional freedoms being” taken from us by our government”. Well, in some places around the world, the government is actually doing the opposite!

For example, I stumbled upon a series of articles highlighting the national referendum in Kenya which was to decide whether the citizens should accept a new Constitution. Kenya, like many other countries on the African continent, is far from democratic. With its crime levels and corruption, it struggles to achieve a decent level of stability.

That is why the new, updated Kenyan Constitution was crafted to overhaul the way the country is governed. It may have a wider impact in the whole region. It is considered to be a progressive document, for the most part (although it has been criticized both for giving special preference to Islamic law, and, on the other hand, for allowing any abortion at all).

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Company News Website Improvements Are on the Way!

ResearchWritingCenter Will soon Improve Some of you folks, who’ve worked with us for a long time, may have in the past observed how we made improvements to the admin panel on our website. We always try to base these upgrades, in functionality and ease of use, on your constructive comments.

The Support Department routinely forwards your input and requests to the Information Technology staff. The IT elves determine which ideas are technically doable, and then they work their magic to increase the quality of your experience with us.

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