Buzz on the Web The Funniest Lateness Excuses from RWC Users! You Should Definitely Check Them Out!

Excuses for being late from RWC writersI realize that some of you might object to this post. Let me reassure you that these are selected from long deactivated accounts at

As you might infer, the main reason they are no longer active writers is their tardiness. Saying that they were endlessly creative in offering these excuses hardly captures it. There are literally hundreds of similar messages. I am actually considering creating a Hall of Fame for these folks, if management approves. Of course, I am joking.

These are listed in numerical order, so, if you want to, you can leave your vote for one or more of them in the comment area. Let us know which ones you liked most, and I will inform you folks which one is the “winner” – just for laughs! :)

These all come directly from the text of the messages, with minimal editing for readability, and an occasional comment.

1. “…I left my keys in the car and I closed it. I can’t open the apartment – so I can’t access my Mac. My BF has spare keys to my car! I will have to wait for him. He lives on the other side of the town, so it might take couple of hours for him to get here…I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry.

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Priceless Writing Tips Getting More from Your Freelance Writing Career

ResearchWritingCenter Freelancing Career Growth We, at ResearchWritingCenter, realize perfectly well that many of you folks are registered with other freelance writing communities. We also know that some of you simply freelance independently when you don’t have orders with the RWC.

That is perfectly fine with us. Granted, the total volume of orders we receive every day is significant. However, for any specific niche, it can be difficult to keep writers in a specialized subject busy consistently. Thus, if you are a full-time freelance writer, it is vital to have your own clientele to be successful.

That is why you should have ways of attracting potential clients outside any freelance writing community. That includes outside

I’m going to introduce you to some of those.

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Company News The High Season Is Already In Our Front Door!

RWC High Ordering SeasonFinally, guys, the season kicked in! How do we know?

Because the number of available orders is increasing all the time, with more customers pouring in. And that provides you with more opportunities, more jobs and more benefits.

A lot of you complained about the fact that there are not enough jobs to quench your writing appetite!

Now you have the chance to take more orders with the RWC, and this is especially important for the new writers. As a rookie you might have had problems with getting an order.

Most of the orders were taken by the users with higher statuses allowing them to take up assignments all by themselves.

But that’s history right now. Feel free to request any order within the available orders section. Our team will do everything possible to facilitate an easy assign process, in order to save your working hours.

All you need to do is send a message on the order, addressing it to the Support team. Add a note informing that you can complete the order by the deadline and of corresponding quality and you’re all set!

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Buzz on the Web How Modern Technologies are Affecting Your Freelance Writing Experience

Technologies that Assist Freelance Writers Anything to do with mobile technologies is such a hot topic all over the Internet – I regularly check out sites that monitor the buzz.

I’m sure you’d like to keep abreast of all the newest, too! :)

Mobile technologies are an increasingly significant feature of contemporary life. I’m curious about how you folks are utilizing these devices flooding the market. Maybe I have some solutions you have not thought of already.

These devices can certainly increase the pleasure and flexibility of freelancing making it a more powerful experience!

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Buzz on the Web Happy Halloween, Guys!

RWC Halloween preparations I hope that you love this holiday as much as I do! I mean, what other official holidays allow you to wear ridiculous outfits and get wasted with your friends, and that’s all at the same time (except for maybe St. Patrick’s Day) :)

Since practically no one will be at the office on Sunday, we’ll have our party for the Halloween organized on Friday. Since the trend right now is…zombies, we have got everything prepared – ketchup as a substitute for blood, hands made of jelly, because zombies need a snack too :) and tons of other stuff.

How do you celebrate your Halloween? What’s your all-time favorite costume that you wore, or maybe someone else did? Share your thoughts and ideas!

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